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At first, we thought learning from your own trades was already cool enough.

However, when we can learn as a group that's when the magic really happens. Being able to cherry-pick lessons from everyone's trades not just saves all time and money but also opens up many new doors.

(1) Gain accountability from our chat rooms. (2) Discover trends by seeing popular patterns, symbols, brokers. (3) Rank and get motivated from our leaderboards.

TradeJournal Chat Rooms

TradeJournal's Community Chat Rooms

We like to say the grass is always greener on the otherside in trading. By this we mean strategies always look attractive at first till you realize it's challeneges. That's why we like to focus on mastering 1-2 at a time first before expanidng into anything else.

Therfore, our chat rooms branch off into specific trading niches so you can find and become the expert in your circle. You'll always be able to dip your toes into other niches but the key is to reduce noise and focus. Laser eyes with your new accountability partners.

🤿 Deep Dive Popular Patterns/Symbols/Brokers

Sometimes trends shift and it's important to know what's popular.

Quickly get a good read on the market to see what patterns are working, symbols are being traded, and what brokers are actually being used. Plus see the latests posts and trades under each of these categories.

Get involved and recieve more feedback on your strategies by making your portfolio’s public. Fix problems quicker by getting more perspective and spot trends easier by seeing what others do.

Transparency & Leaderboards

Since we beleive in group learning our community also has leaderboards and the ability to search all public trades and posts too, with many filters. We want you to be able to explore the best traders, portfolios and more.

As you continue along your trading career you'll start ranking on the leaderboards.

P.S. Don't worry if you are a bit more private you can always make your account private, allowing only certain whitelisted users or students.

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