Why TradeJournal

Most people just Trade & Invest based on how they feel that day & 90% of traders lose money. Don't be like those people.

TradeJournal is a simple way to plan and learn from all your trades. Over time your trading analytics help you do more of the good and less of the bad stuff. Ultimately, maximizing a winning strategy.

This is just the start. A supportive trading community that helps you stay on track and personalized trading mentors to guide you in the right direction; the perfect combo to reach your true trader potential.

Welcome to TradeJournal. The best trading journal, to document, share, and learn from other traders.

Why TradeJournal?

"You can't manage what you can't measure." - Peter Drucker

Our Mission

TradeJournal Mission & 3 Modules: Analytics, Community and Mentorship

TradeJournal's goal is to maximize trader alpha . Alpha is a trader's edge to generate returns greater than the market.

All our energy goes towards that single philosophy. We do this through three main modules: (1) Analytics, (2) Community (3) Mentors.

Each plays a critical role for every trader's journey.