How To Contact Support?

Please email us at if you have any questions. You can also reach us on Discord, Twitter or Facebook for support needs and to stay up to date with the latest news/releases. We usually get back to you in under 24 hours during US market open days.

What's personal subscription?

In order to maintain top-quality content and incentives for top mentors to be available for you it's possible for them to offer one-on-one mentorship subscriptions. It's up to the mentor to decide what price they would like to offer their one-on-one mentorships for.

Verified mentors can also contribute to our paid mentor content area. To learn more about mentor content pricing in your region, create an account. If you're an existing member and logged into your account, visit your billing page to see your current pricing.

What are the paid plans offered by offers two paid plans, the Focus Plan and the Insider Plan, designed to help traders reach their goals and maximize their profits.

The Focus Plan offers ad-free, priority support, and personalized feature requests.

The Insider Plan provides a personalized experience with group calls, 1-on-1 sessions with a mentor, and insider chatroom access.

Is free?

Yes, offers a free plan for traders to track their trades, get insights, and connect with other traders. The free plan is forever free.

If you're looking to learn with fewer distractions or break past a plateau, consider checking out our two paid packages: Focus and Insider.

What is is a platform for traders to track their trades, get insights, connect with other traders, and learn from experts. It offers free and paid plans for traders to elevate their trading game.

Can I make posts (watchlists, lessons, reviews, anything) on

Yes, allows traders to make posts (watchlists, lessons, reviews, or anything) here:

How secure is my data on takes the security of traders' data very seriously. All data is stored on secure servers and protected by industry-standard security measures. You also have the ability to leave your data public so you can share your progress, make it completely private or make it available to a smaller group of whitelisted users.

Can I cancel my paid plan at any time?

Yes, traders can cancel their paid plan at any time through the billing settings on their account.

Why are my Entries / Exits (Transactions) not showing at the bottom of my trade?

First, let's understand what a trade is.

"Entries and Exits" aka "buy or sells" aka "shorts and covers" aka "Transactions" create a trade.

So if you deleted the entries after a trade was created then a trade will still exist but not contain any transactions.

This is how brokers export data. They do not export a complete trade, they only export buys and sells. So we need to create trades out of the data. The wizard will batch transactions based on time and ticker. Then add the buys until the sells bring it back to a closed position. And when we delete the underlying transactions to a trade you will now have a trade with the stats still calculated but without transactions. Typically you NEVER want to DELETE transactions, especially AFTER they are MATCHED with a TRADE.

After a trade is created transactions have nothing to do with P&L, once the trade is created that is separately calculated for that trade. The transactions are now dead data until you save a trade again then the stats will be recalculated for the new info.

These are examples of transactions that make up a trade:

If you deleted the transactions on the import entries page ( and the trade has not yet been re-saved then that's where the issue is probably coming from.

To re-save a trade just got to the bottom of a trade, say this one. And click save:

Usually, this will never be the case because the import wizard does everything. But the transactions must have been deleted after the wizard was used which basically creates hollow trades.

We'll be adding an additional warning or disabling deleting transactions after they have been matched to a trade. This will mitigate this issue from arising.


How do I track my trades on

Traders can track their trades on either manually by adding them here: or automatically by importing their transactions here:

How do I create a short trade on

Creating a short trade on is very straightforward and is similar to any long trade with two simple differences. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to the trade addition page at

  2. Look for the "Trade Type" field. Here, you can select the type of trade you're making. For a short trade, make sure to select "Short."


  3. When adding transactions to your short trade, start with a transaction where the "side" column is set to "Exit." This is a crucial step as you're essentially exiting a position before you enter it – (exit) selling to open and (entry) buying to close.

  4. Please remember that it's important to select "Short" in the trade type field and start your transactions with "Exit" in the side column. If these are not done correctly, you might see an error message, but don't worry, simply correct the entries according to these instructions.



For more examples of adding a trade manually please checkout this video: How To Use (Free Trading Journal App). We've timestamped the section for your convenience. 

Is TradeJournal OpenSource?

🤝 Collaborate with Us on Our Open-Source Trading Analytics Platform

Looking to contribute to an innovative trading analytics solution? TradeJournal is excited to announce that we've gone open-source for some key features, starting with our import services for multiple brokers! Our GitHub repository is your gateway to become part of this growing community.

Why Open Source?

  1. Community-Driven: We believe in the power of collective intelligence. Our vibrant community has been asking for a way to contribute, and here it is!
  2. Enhanced Security: Open-source promotes transparent code, especially crucial for secure broker API import functionalities in trading applications.

What Can You Contribute To?

  • Import Services: Help us expand the list of supported brokers.
  • Advanced Analytics: Contribute to data-rich analytics to empower traders.

For detailed instructions on how to contribute, please refer to our GitHub

Become a part of the best open-source trading journal and analytics platform today!