Hey guys, it's Alex Winkler, Trader & Founder of TradeJournal.co.

I used to be a trader when I lived in NYC (Jim Cramer and I on the top right) but needed to focus on a few software development projects I ran with my brother for a few years which got me out of the market.

When one of my companies started offering payouts in cryptocurrency I needed to learn all the different exchanges, accounting, and buy/sell crypto weekly to make payouts.

At this point, my old passion for day trading came back in full force. By the end of 2017, I started documenting everything I do on my custom trade journal google sheets which eventually the TradeJournal.co app grew out of. Now we have a tight-knit community who are actively pursuing mastery in trading stocks, crypto, forex, and NFTs. (Tim Sykes and I on the bttom right)

On my YouTube Channel I'm sharing my own journey as a trader as well as sharing the lessons learned from within the TradeJournal community. It's been a hell of an adventure so far but we have a lot more to learn. We're in it for the long haul.

Welcome aboard.

TradeJournal's Founder Alex Winkler with Tim Sykes and Jim Cramer
Alex Winkler TradeJournal Notes

Where It All Started

Our founder, Alex Winkler has been trading since 2011 and at that time he just noted ideas down on pieces of paper. Ideal entries/exits, some reasons behind the trade, and so on.

Eventually, as Alex's passion for trading grew so did his pile of random trade notes. Therefore he would dedicate the next 2 years to building a public Google Sheet trade journal that would organize all his trades and compile statistics; so he could learn from each and every one of his trades.

It wasn't long though until he soon outgrew the Google Sheets as well. There was more to explore in the numbers and charts. There was more to share with his students as a mentor. There was a larger community to learn from as a whole.

That's when this trading journal app was build.