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Expedite your learning curve & get out of your plateau by teaming up with a mentor.

Having a mentor is a proven way to not just shave off lots of time but also excel further in all walks of life. Our trading mentors with a proven track record have you covered.

Traders on TradeJournal with a proven track record can become mentors and give exclusive access to their watchlists, trades, lessons and more. They'll also have a better overview of all their students so they can give extra dedicated attention.

For users looking for more accelerated mentorships. Our mentors can also offer one-on-one mentorships for an even more tailored experience.

Checkout Verified Traders To Learn From:

Portfolio(s) Profit:  $138,902.07
Assets: Crypto, NFT, Option, Stock,

Portfolio(s) Profit:  $75,846.21
Assets: Stock,

Portfolio(s) Profit:  $8,674.19
Assets: Option, Future, Stock,

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Once you have a proven track record and meet some other requirments you can apply to become a verified trader. Mentors can earn by making mentorship content and earn additional revenue by taking on one-on-one students.