first trade i froze and ofc it was a good day too. i shouldve cut losses but didnt know if i was in and got annylsis paralisis littrely sat there for a fulll reversal fuking rtd - 80 on the first fuking trade r u fuking serious and then i fuking bought stocks instead of the fuking optiosn are u fukin serouis. 

but i figured it out now what i need to pay attention to is the options time and sales and the orders if they are stacked or not and alsoo 

Steps to a trade to prevents mistakes like today

Regoinzie if it will be a good day based on first 5 min candle vol or news coming up this week.

Spot the set up / pattern you will trade

spot the option you will take 

spot the entry and exit, (SL and 1:1)

follow the lvl 2 and time and sales 

follow through with the trade win or loss and chase with sl if needed