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This is early but I need this cuz i took a fat loss the beging of the yr wich casued me to want to quit or atleast take a long break. Wiithin the first 10 days of the yr i was down 250 and have been fighting back since then. The reason why I took alot of losses was becuase the market was bad and i was taking bad set ups i was trying to trade anything that moved and was chasing money, i got greedy. And wanted to step up and it. casued me to over trade. Over all the account. is down right now from when i came back from my Paper money account. I am not giving up and I have some things i want to get done / goals to achive and what to focus on before half of the yr is over. 

  • Track gains by the YTD P&L once this is back to postive make account even
  • If I have a green month add to the account 1k , if red month scale back 1k and this is why i am still trading with 1k.  Track ur monthly P&L
  • pay myself every 2 weeks, if red leave it max draw down is 30% from peak. at 15% take a break and relize why u are failing then add back if you are confident
  • focus on the macd, tlb , patterns 
    • These are my most proitbale and what will keep me consistane. if i start to trade badly i can slow down and trade based on macd. 
  • What makes me consistance vs what makes me not consitance 
    • Its usally 1 bad day that will kill the account either i take too much size and or I over trade that day / week 
  • I rather take lots of small gainz and then try to catch the whole thing and miss the 10-20% i coulda had 
  • Why is it that when i win it is little but when i lose it is a spiral downwards 
  • Bot trading / fix my think or swim script?, using macd for entry but SR for pt and sl and having it only taking the first cross of the day.