Premarket: We've had 2 pretty undecided days the past 2 days but we have been moving up. I had been unable to trade due to work. On the 27th we broke out of the downward channel we had started last week and we have been moving up since. We are back above both the 20/9 EMA on the daily, and near the top of the ascending channel we have been in this year. The recent high was at 4494, however the close on the day prior to that was at 4473, with the body of those 2 daily candles lining up at around 4469. Pivots are: 0pivot 4427.75, +1pivot 4445.75, +2pivot 4456 (top of premarket), -1pivot 4417.5, -2pivot 4399.5. We are opening the day extended above VWAP and near the +2pivot where we rejected in the premarket. Unfortunately I believe the trade today will be long (unfortunate because my win% on longs is terrible), so if we remain above VWAP and pull back to a significant point I will try a long to either the +2pivot or the 4469/4473 level mentioned above. If we do find sellers, and we start trending down, I will want to see a move down below the +1pivot, for a stronger move down. If we do get in short we need to be weary of the 4440ish level where we had been consolidating last night. 

3-star news dropped at 8:30, specifically personal income, personal spending, and Core PCE, with the later 2 being lower than last time and the first being higher. The market shot up from 4454 to 4462 and then continued moving up in the premarket to 4470.

Trade 1: I took a long at around 10 am after it looked like we were in a grinding green day. There were no sellers to be found, the TICK/ADD/VOLD were all super high. This trade grinded green for 35 minutes and I was 8 ticks away from my target at 4489 and then we double topped at 4487.5 and came crashing down. I got out of the trade at break even at my stop, but the running drawdown on this trade absolutely kills me as I was up close to 8 points. The only thing I can think of to do differently on the trade was to take profits on the 2nd test of 4487.5 when we rejected hard. This is a very disappointing trade as it makes me feel as if I wasted my time.