looking to scale up now that i a have confidence in my stratigey, first looking to make back half of what i lost before i head into full size, 

  • I do best when from 7:30 -9 there has to be alot of volume and or movement with some pull backs on the 5 and or the 1 min stright up is bad and chop is reakky bad 
    • stright up bad cuz cant get in unless i caught the break out, if not cant chase
    • chopy bad lots of false set ups 
  • taking good set ups if it is horzontal support or restiacne i need to make sure i am correct and that it has multi touches
  • not taking trades too fast into the day lots of dip and gap or opsites
  • looking to hold longer trying to look for that 1:1 move, (whole candles before i sell or even 2 candles my direction)
    • 4-8 was looking good was up 40 but wiped it out in one day trying to scale up and get biger moves but i need to rember market is really not hot right now. , when makrt is slow take small profits goal is to end the day green when market is hot scale up ad hold the moves longer.