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I relived my best & worst trades 100x (backtest trading strategy)

Search range I used to find 4 trades

Notes per iteration

winkler's AMTD Trade 519.95

- First entry Aug. 02, 2022 08:21:03

  1. Hold onto that 9ema on the 1 ema, if it kinda breaks and the re-holds, get right back in it!!!!
  2. Watched 5m before the trade, the new 5m breakout. If it holds the last 5m close that's extra bullish. Extended 5m's are good to take profits on any strength. Constantly rebuy on any quick dips.
  3. First large PB's always take profits on the quick bounce/pops then re-enter. Because those often fail and you can either build a cushion or stop out for break even. Remember, you can always get back in!! Be careful around big multi-day resistance.
  4. Volume!!!! Over 300 per min & Pre-market on a $7+ stock?? LFG
  5. Micro PB's during a green 1m PB are amazing entries
  6. Blue ski setup.
  7. The ticker is not on a new 5m breakout yet. MACD flatlining, maybe even a little negative? Then do NOT buy high!!! Treat it as a ranging ticker, this often happens when stock is grinding.
  8. Always ask "is 9ema holding?". Keep buying it.
  9. Day of week? This was a Tuesday. One of my BEST trading days.
  10. MACD the early light green is money, even if it goes dark again briefly but then make sure to take profits quick!
  11. When the 1m 9ema breaks but it comes back up above and starts holding for multiple minutes again, this is a very bullish sign. Always take profits on those first pops up, seems like there is almost always a chance for another entry. So don't hold for a larger hopeful continuation but make 2 or 3 trades out of it.
  12. If a trade breaks big resistance it's no time to wait for a PB, get in that sucker!
  13. When the big is aggressively moving up and big orders keep appearing, that's very bullish.
  14. Watching the orderbook is key, I feel like if I'm not watching the orderbook and looking for things like ask getting chipped or large bids coming in and putting pressure on the orderbook I'm not focused.
  15. Light bid stalls before a big resistance zone (whole or half dollars) breakout is a good entry point.
  16. If there is no divergence in vol keep riding that 9EMA
  17. When MACD diverges after converging that's a really good buy indicator
  18. New 5m and 1m breakout, trade aggressively
  19. You can ALWAYS cut losses if it doesn't work out. But be in the game. Then get back in if you cut but it held.
  20. Don't be too scared of extended moves if the ticker is consistent
  21. After an aggressive breakout when extended be ready for a break of the last 1m green open but get ready to buy off of the 9ema again, there might be a bit of a crack of the 9ema. Especially when the current 5m candle is below the close of the last 5m candle. RED FLAG. You can still trade the move lower early but take quick quick quick profits.
  22. Always look for divergence between price and vol as a red flag, 3 plus peaks.
  23. When 9ema holds after a bigger PB on a strong ticker, get back in and keep trading. Don't overstay the hold.
  24. 5m hammer candles are a good time to take profits quickly but then rebuy on the first rejection. There's a good chance this ticker is still running and will have a blow-off top. Especially if everything else checks off.
  25. The frontside is not over until the frontside is over.

winkler's AREB Trade 139.83

- First entry July 07, 2022 09:08:28

  1. OG Sub dollar be pre-pared for something totally new!
  2. Over the 180 SMA is always a good sign + over big-time resistance on top of that.
  3. Thursday! This is one of my best days! Lean into that.
  4. The second we break the close of the last 5m candle be ready for that nasty PB to 9ema or below. This time it was originally VWAP, that broke and then it was the 9ema below VWAP. Interesting scenario.
  5. When the big stacks and crawls higher it's a GOOD sign
  6. When the current 5m breaks below the former close of the last green 5m then look to buy on major support zones only and scalp. These are 1m open floor, VWAP, 9ema.
  7. Front running in iteration #6 can be good but scalp!!! Do not hold and hope. Take those micro wins and don't use to big sizes.
  8. The first candle up 40%+ might be a winner even with sub 50k vol
  9. Take those profits and re-enter where the big is staking
  10. Map out key support and resistance zones on daily BUT if you didn't, where the big is staking might be those zones.
  11. Too many daily lines could be distracting but also great for micro entries and scalps.
  12. Beware of the new 5m candles. However, trading during big 5m move, ride that 1m power!
  13. Nothing wrong with front running but take profits quick, especially if it stalls
  14. If really scallpy you can do the same trade 2-3 times, maybe 2 times max...
  15. Focus more on where the big is staking, if you're not looking at the order book you are not focused
  16. Keep it simple. Ride the trends, 5m candle in it's own HOD? RIDE IT HARD. If not SCALP.
  17. It's okay to trade tickers below 50k vol, price action is more important. ONLY if vol does not increase be weary of continuation
  18. Don't stop trading a ticker, there's probably more left in it than you think
  19. Quick Micro PB's but bid staking? Good sign.
  20. Multiple attempts failed to break and ask staking? Take profits or cut!
  21. Let the former 5m open/base prove to hold highs first once ticker feels extended. Basically 3rd+ big 5m candle.
  22. 20% PB's in the first 5m candle is normal, don't be put off by that. The spread is still big and vol still low.
  23. 10% micro PB's are also normal in the second candle, be ready for volatility that's why we take profits quick!
  24. On those new 5m frontsides take profits quick as well, constantly there are 5% retraces
  25. That second 5m candle tat just held the former 5m candle open, do NOT sleep on it. Trade it super aggressively. Understand 10% pb's will quickly happen so take profits and re-enter!


winkler's PLRX Trade -945.48

- First entry July 11, 2022 09:43:48

  1. It was a Monday! Go figure my biggest looser. Monday's worst day. In q3 it's also net negative but overall portfolio net positive day.
  2. This ticker is halting, explosive mover. Low amount of SO below 50m
  3. Overtraded pre-market, be a bit weary about that. It probably means we found somewhat of a top or are near the top.
  4. Better to trade early and cut than to look for confirmation
  5. Current 5m candle didn't break the former 5m candle? Then keep trading! Especially off of key support zones, like open of former 1m
  6. Are you watching if the current 5m candle broke below the close of the last 5m candle???? Maybe even place alerts to remind yourself.
  7. Be careful on tickers that grind all pre-market. Will probably be a nightmare at open and/or unorthodox. No clean resolution and def don't chase.
  8. During the pre-market grind don't buy high, buy off of 9ema, look for MACD to flatline and not moving lower.
  9. Same rules apply to breaks of former 5m close levels. Then we are moving down and testing support zones, probably lightly breaking them, be scalpy.
  10. 2nd red 5m candle breaking below the former 5m red candle floor really puts in a backside. Don't trade those period. Until we are back making a new 5m high.
  11. Higher lows after a longer 5m PB period is a good sign
  12. Scalp non OG frontside moves, beware of ranging PB's
  13. Don't hold 1m attempts to breakout if 5m is not on a new frontside. Keep scalping until 5m is really on a new high, especially grinders
  14. Vol still growing? Keep trading.
  15. Don't get too aggressive on extended tickers at the open. If you do trade don't hold long but take those profits! If it holds that former 5m close re-enter.
  16. When a ticker halts and opens higher it's a really good sign. Try and get in near the close of the 1m candle that was the halt.
  17. over 1m shares on a $15+ stock you got to keep trading that. It's insane vol.
  18. current 5m below the former 5m close? Look for those ley support zones (1m close, VWAP, 9ema, trend lines)
  19. Don't chase 1m breakouts when there is not a really high new high on the current 5m over last 5m, that's still scalp territory
  20. Ticker trending up? Believe it and get in!
  21. Did halt open lower? Below the former 5m close? Buy and scalp those key support zones. This is not the time to ease up.
  22. Double 5m red and break of the former 5m floor is an interesting situation when 1m still kinda bullish. You need to be in scalp mode but size down. Not A+ setups but still worth trading.
  23. No obvious 5m? Only trade low, scalp, and don't trade.
  24. Grinders end messy
  25. Fading vol on new highs is usually a period at the end of that ticker'ss frontside. Let it rest.


winkler's XRTX Trade -414.36

- First entry July 13, 2022 07:04:43

  1. Wednesday, not a bad day BUT I was annoyed because I was late to the party and missed the initial entry.
  2. 60% initial pop really crazy, easy 20% PB's so keep that in mind.
  3. I bought it again when we went below on the 5m
  4. put those limit orders in ahead of time, at least to take some profit!
  5. Big resistance above be careful especially when not enough consolidation time below
  6. If there is a big 30% move from $2.5 to $3, then $3 might not get broken right away, because we just had a big move and didn't PB yet. Let people take profits and get back in.
  7. 10% PB's are great times to size back in near support areas
  8. Did we get a new high yet with lower vol? If not maybe still some potential.
  9. Always ask are we above or below the former 5m close. If below, you already know, support zone scalp ONLY.
  10. Front run like 2-3% above of the last support area that just broke.
  11. How much longer till next 5m? Be ready to take profits and keep an eye on the former 5m close.
  12. Don't stop scalping. Opportunities are everywhere.
  13. Stay focused on order book to identify those micro support zones.
  14. 5m is the money, that needs to be the bases of how aggressive you are getting.
  15. 5m building a hammer candle? Trade anticipation not resolution.
  16. Higher lows, are there any? Yes, is really good.
  17. Watch that staked orderbook for big orders
  18. A bullish move won't give back more than micro 5% or so after a breakout, you should always be re-entering.
  19. From $3.04 back to $2.71 we're talking about a > 10% PB, get back in!!!
  20. Always be scalping. Don't look for homeruns. If you get aggressive enough you might get a homerun by holding as it pops. But don't hold and hope. Especially under big resistance.
  21. Keep trying for that reversal with scalps, don't actually hold for the reversal.
  22. Often there is a last dead cat pop before the drop. Identidy with bad 5m setups.
  23. How significant is that daily resistance? Give it time.
  24. Often a 10m run is all you get, got to be super focused for every minute of it.
  25. It's okay going for that last pop before the drop. Just DO NOT chase that pop and never look for full-on frontside continuation.



Major repetitive lessons.

5m is key everything starts from 5m. It dictates how long you should be holding for and how aggressive you should be.