Full Video now available: Best Broker For Europeans Trading US Markets?

Now, you might wonder how I arrived at this conclusion. Well, over the past three years, I get this question AT LEAST once per month. So if you’ve ever wondered 

“Alex, what's the best broker to use as a European trading US markets?” 


“I can't use TD Ameritrade, what would you recommend?"

popular trading questions

This is the video for you.

What makes me credible to discuss this topic?

I’m the founder of TradeJournal.co a digital trading journal with a network of over 6k+ traders, 1,400 of those traders on Discord, including 140 very active traders I call insiders that I'm in constant contact with and they live all over the world. Check out the insider trading podcast, I’ll link below, where every Wednesday we release an episode discussing current trading trends and important topics..

I myself have been based in Europe, mainly Berlin for the last 6 years (right now I’m on a surf trip in Peniche Portugal,) I still have my US citizenship and so therefore I can use TD Ameritrade. 

However, since we have a very international community some of you guys I've even met in person help me keep a finger on the pulse of the best brokers and tools, including those for international traders. I was even able to ask some of you guys directly for this video about your thoughts. I’ll share a DM with a really interesting twist on Etrade later.

First though here’s the poll I made a few days back where Interactive Brokers takes the crown.

best brokers for europeans poll by alex winkler

If you haven't thrown in your opinion yet, there's still time! I’ll keep the poll open and will be pinned in the first comment below. And stick around, because at the end of the video, I'll reveal a list of the most popular brokers used on TradeJournal.

First though, I find it very important never to limit yourself to one broke. I'm definitely not a one-account kind of trader. I have an account at SEVEN brokers, 3 are funded ones.

Each broker offers something unique—charts, commissions, options, fiat trading, you name it. It's about picking the one that fits your style. It's always better to have and not need, than need and not have. And guess what? Opening multiple broker accounts won't dent your credit score. They're all debit accounts! 

Here’s a pro tip on how to get your fees reduced!

Customer support isn't just for complaints, it's also a key to discounts. So, don't hesitate to dial them up. Do this on a half a year basis minimum. Even just to ask some simple questions like “what could I do to improve my account” trust me you never know what a support person will tell you. I’m always surprised. I’ve even had red trades fully refunded, but only because it was a tech issue on their side and I wasn’t able to close a trade.

Here’s another Pro tip. 

Some brokers like Etrade actually work for Europeans. They just require a paper application. That’s what one of my friends from Hamburg Germany did. Patience pays off. 

ETrade actually offers NASDAQ zero commissions, and for OTC it’s $6 fixed per trade, Market data is only $9 per month. That’s not bad and even TD charges for OTC trading. 

Make sure to check out what brokers say on their website the offers are always changing and the base offerings seem to be improving everywhere. And once you have a broker invest those 15m to speak to support!

Interactive Brokers, Plus500, Trading212 and DEGIRO are the most popular brokers from the international traders I know. 

Others include (MEXEM, Lightyear, CapTrader, LYNX, Alpaca)

Like I promised here’s a list of TradeJournals most popular brokers.

most popular brokers on tradejournal

Remember these only count trades that are public and or verified trader trades. So the numbers can be a bit different when it includes trades in private portfolios but privacy is super important at TradeJournal.co so what brokers those traders use will be private.

So there you have it. Interactive Brokers takes the crown, but the race is far from over. There are really nice new brokers popping up all the time and the competition plus changing legislation always creates new offers for retail. Keep exploring, keep trading, and until next time, stay safe, and curious and make some awesome trades.