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  1. DJT
    • Welcome back, insiders! As you may know..
      • Donald. J. Trump's former SPAC, known as DWAC is now a "real" stock.
      • Trading under the ticker symbol: DJT
      • It's making a lot of news and moves. Before and after it's not so good 10-k annual report!
      • So, whether you're long, short, or just watching DJT for pure entertainment this video for you.
    • Here's what we'll discuss:
      • Quick overview of all 3 major recent filings.
        • Including a very scary dilution scenario that could kill the ticker
      • Important platform statistics
      • Some technical and macro momo that could help or hurt the ticker
    • SEC 10-K = annual report required by the U.S.
      • April 1st
      • Shady with no KPI's released. Investing "blind" in recent
      • Financials look rough: 5-6x rev is basic media comps
        • Annual deficit doubled
        • $4.5m rev, 39m loss, $5B MC = 1,500-2,000x rev
        • Reddit has 800m rev and 8B MC =  10x rev
        • BOTH overvalued
      • Reported 3x growth YoY though? According to All-in
        • 2B visits
        • 500-2m active monthly users
        • Downloads going down MoM
      • Lots of warrants, could crush the stock
        • 25,000,00 $11.50 = $287,500,000
        • Almost half of outstanding shares!
        • Requres 8-k filing but they could register, sell and then file in 4 days.
          • Before you'd ever know a few days later.
    • SEC SCHEDULE 13D = Must be filled with 10 days of acquisition form party owning 5%+
      • April 1
      • Trump holds 57.6%
    • SEC 8-K = broad form, notify specified events important to shareholders or SEC.
      • April 3
      • Scrivener error:
        • This could be a misspelling, a grammatical error, or an omission of a word or phrase. Such errors are usually non-material and do not change the content or the intentions of the parties involved in the document.
    • Momo is everything for this ticker!
      • Technicals
        • A Break of $40 is bad news, but low vol break that holds could be fine
      • Macro
        • Elections coming up, could be a massive catalyst
          • Tuesday, 5 November 2024
  2. RDDT
  3. TSLA
    • In the news constantly, looking for a doom and gloom max euphoria.
    • 15-30% sell-off from the current $165 price = $110 - $140
  4. COIN,

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