Date: 10/31/23

Goal: (One Thing you Are Trying to Improve upon)

Exit Strategy - Selling at targets

Grade: (How Well Did you Achieve your Goal) 

(D) The best opportunity of the day I was positioned well with my entry but i sold before my exit signal, missing a 10%+ Move

Morning Temp: (Emotions, Sleep, Energy)

Little groggy, getting tired of waking up to slow markets

Overview for Each Ticker: (Chart Screenshots, news, stats, General Performance, etc)

Ticker & Sector: CDIO

News: Cardio Diagnostics Holdings, Inc Receives Innovative Technology Contract from Vizient for Its Novel AI-Driven Precision Heart Disease

Float: 5.5m

Intraday Chart:

Daily Chart:

Details: This stock had better opportunity than SPRC in % move, it had a break of premarket highs. However, since it was a penny stock you needed to take several thousands of shares in order to make a profit and it is easy to get chopped out on micro sub penny fills. A longer hold time fared well on this stock. After the Break of vwap, that would have been the best opportunity to hold a winner to the HOD on increasing volume with backstop vwap.I traded it but completely butchered my exit strategy by selling a winning trade before my target was hit


Ticker & Sector: SPRC

News: SciSparc Granted Patent from the Australian Patent Office for its Reduction of Opioids Use in Pain Management Technology

Float: 2.5m

Intraday Chart:

Daily Chart:

Details: Similar to RVPH from previous day but without the Red to Green Move. Strong Premarket gap and Fade with little to no pressure on the short sellers.There was limited opportunity after 930 am on this ticker



Negative Winning %. Kept size small there were minimal setups

Easiest Trade(s) of the Day: (if you traded it, what were your entries/exits) (how did you trade it)   

CDIO Break of vwap, 1min pullback and break of Premarket Highs

What I learned or Improved upon today:

Need to work on my patience and handling in trade emotions (Fear of Loss)

Changes I need to Make: 

Selling at targets not taking profits early

Youtube Recap: