Date: 11/13/23

Goal: (One Thing you Are Trying to Improve upon)

Exit Strategy

Grade: (How Well Did you Achieve your Goal) 

(B) I was definitely more patient on the dip entries to actually start bouncing before I took all my shares off

Morning Temp: (Emotions, Sleep, Energy)

Did not sleep very well, groggy, not at the top of my game

Overview for Each Ticker: (Chart Screenshots, news, stats, General Performance, etc)

Ticker & Sector: TIVC


Float: 1.50

Intraday Chart:

Daily Chart:

Details: The opening dip and rip and the retest of VWAP bounced very nicely, I was able to be extra patient as it was coming down to the support level, and I was able to scale out a lot slower than I did before which is great. Slowly but surely I can shake these nerves that I get when Im in a trade, thats definitely one of my weak spots which causes me to sell my winners too soon. I was expecting atleast a test of High of day but we didn’t get much, there was a lack of a catalyst driven move on thi stock and overall lack of buyers. Really choppy after the opening range





Easiest Trade(s) of the Day: (if you traded it, what were your entries/exits) (how did you trade it)   

Vwap Support in the opening range.

In at 2.20 out at 2.26, could have held some for the retest of 2.50 but overall a solid base hit


What I learned or Improved upon today:

Being patient on the Dip and scaling out slower

Changes I need to Make: 

Mentally be ok with giving back a healthy portion off the top as long as opportunities still present themselves. Sometime i let the sting of giving back profits kill my mental well being

Youtube Recap: