Very odd day where I failed to identify that internals were heavily red. I was somewhat faked out by mag7 because of how bullish it was at the open. It eventually went red on the day after being up nearly 2% but the entire move lower was very heavy on ES yet I didnt really even trade it at all. I was short early (pre 10) and then took my profits at the LOD break then stopped out on the partial in pretty much the very last second before a 12 point drop that was nearly instant. not really sure how I couldve known to add in that spot instead of sititng there and stopping out. 

Reasons why i shouldve added:

Vold red
Mag7 below and retesting its 10:00OP
Indices Very Red
Tick, nearly entirely below 0

Had I added in that spot and target PDL couldve been a decent little $500 day. I might need to change things up again and start looking athte market in more of a 30m timeframe model where I base everything off the new 30m from the internals. After 10 that is less likely to matter but right at 10 it matters very very much. IF everything is red already and now its testing its 10:00 OP, its probably going lower...moral of the story