Not too bad of a day. I traded properly and scalped when I shoudldve, held when I shouldve, stopped when I shouldve, walked away when I shouldve. So we had A+ long but not truly A+ because of how soldoff we were from the premarket CPI report. Since we were just moving up into the insane 100 point resistance, I knew longs were the play but they wouldnt be the play all day. I took it when it was most likely to occur, I held for the break into the CPI candle, then walked away once we put in 7 consecutive 2m red candles and broke vwap.

Internals: 930 OP
- VOLD up
- ADD below
- Mag7 up
-Indices below

Internals 10:00 OP
-VOLD up
-ADD up
-Mag7 up
-indices up


Exactly why I went long, Everything was tricky until 10 then it became clear that long trades were the ones that would make money while shorting was a bad idea. Dont get me wrong the short at 1040 that just slow grinded the whole was back to 930 OP was very nice but while vold add mag7 were all holding their 10:00 OP I did not want to be shorting. Especially with the extention of the down move from premarket. Didnt see how we were going to actually go lower and hold that move.