Probably the worst trading ive personally done so far this year. FIrst of all I took a random 2MES trade on news which lost me 50 instantly just for fun. then I got long impulsively because of a news candle, then I didnt get short when the news candle failed and we had a perfect OP retest rejection for break of LOD. Then I got long a few times on the low even though add vold were wayyyy below LOD, Then go short and added, stopped out for zero reason whatsoever (vold moved up like 1 fuckin millimeter) then got long just because of the vold and the vold alone. Then proceeded to lose 150 on a 5MES bullshit trade because I wanted to hit max stop if i was going to trade again. I just dont understand how insanely stupid all of those decisions were. I shouldnt have been up so late last night bc when I woke up I was very groggy and that is no state of mind to try to trade in. 

Mid day short via mag7 OP and vold add consistently making NLOD throughout the entire session even when we were pulling back up. TICK vastly below 0 indices pullup then rip back to LOD within an hour timeframe.