Super clean long trendday today. Right at the open we are on the trendline from friday and are holding it perfectly. ADD VOLD TICK mag7 and indices all hold their OP and then use their 10:00 OP to push even harder. the 30m chart looks so clear compared to the 5m so that is why i am using that for the time being. Today and yesterday were perfect trend style trades where we hit the descending trendline yesterday, faked it out first, then ripped off of it, now today we are just following up with that same momentum to the upside. The only thing I didnt like much is that we never had any real fakeouts to the downside where I could get in with some serious size and get a nice 20 point win. I was kind of stuck just grabbing higher lows looking for breakouts then knowing I was going to sell too early for the true move. That is okay in this scenario because the trend was really a "just get in and pray" type of trend rather than one that is doing large moves higher with clean pullbacks to previous resistance turned support. All in all about 10 points with 10MES so not bad but also so much room for improvement. I couldve easily made $1k on this if I just was a bit more aggressive with my size and a bit more patient with my exits