Very tricky day but I played it well. Took a short on NQ early on when ES vold add mag7 were all breaking down. Scalped that. Took a long on MES when we broke the low after the news candle just for a quick scalp to the upside and got another 8 points on it. Not a bad day considering how tricky it was to trade. Only thing I think I couldve done is take the short around vwap once it showed up. That was the ultimate test of "do you trust your strategy?" and I said, "nope"

VWAP short: VOLD ADD Indices Tick all WAYYYY below OP and very very weak even after the bounce. Yes they went more neutral but not very strong. Its a sketchy trade either way bc they were all above their 10:00OP so it really wouldve been a gamble but is worth the risk knowing vold add indices tick all still heavily bearish on the session even after their bounces. That could have added a few hundred to the PnL but im okay with my performance.