Cant believe I missed out on this perfect day where I couldve had big size and caught over 10 points pretty easily. We had vold add mag7 and indices all above their OP basically from 945 on throughout the entire day. This specific breakout I hesitated on multiple times first looking at the entry at 20 then 26 and failed to pull the trigger on both of them because I was happy about a 5/5 green week. That is so silly its ridiculous. Trading doesnt give a fuck about your green days it cares about your strategy and your EV. I have very very very very high EV in this exact situation and I left the market because of why? to say I had a 5/5 green week? to lock in my miniscule gains for the day? That is so stupid, it is one of the reasons why I have no hit my stride yet. This is a day where I can make a month or more of profits in 1 single move if I was willing and able to use the size I want. I could have been in at 20, added at 26, added on the breakout, gotten maybe 15-20 points on a 20MES trade. That is how months are made. If I do not maximize my EV on these days it just makes it so much more difficult to be a profitable trader.