HUGE missed opportunity today. This is exactly why my strategy had massive drawdowns. If I do not nail these setups with 4x size theres just no way for me to make it in trading. I need to stop giving a fuck about my account balance and doing anything other than execution of the strategy the way it was designed. That means
1. internals (930)
    - VOLD below OP
    - ADD below OP
    - Mag7 below OP
    - Indices below OP
2. Internals (10:00)
    - VOLD above for 25 minutes
    - ADD below and hold
    - mag7 below and hold
    - Indices below and hold

When this happens there is 1 situation and 1 scenario available. SHORT WITH THE FULL ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I just sit on my hands and let this type of day go past me it is nearly impossible to truly be a standout trader. This is the type of time where I need to say fuck everything I did yesterday, fuck the pnl, fuck the account balance, fuck everything. Only trade the strategy and the strategy alone. When we have this situation you get in, add, add, add, hold past the target or at least a nice partial past the target. This is a day where I could have made over $1k and gotten funded but instead I am red from taking a 4 point win on my smallest size, then proceeding to try to trade it after a 50 point drop.