1. BSL Hit at the PM high and also HOD

2. Internals were downtrending from the open until 12:00

3. No ICT entry but an ICT concept as an entry because BSL Liquidity is something I used to never think about. No FVG or Order Block though.


Did I scalp this trade too quickly?

Yes, If I am trading based off of the internals then why am I exiting based off of a FVG to the buy side? Yes that is the most conservative trade possible but I want to be able to make 10 points and that can happen in 1 trade every time I take it if I am patient. When do the internals stop trending lower and relief is possible?

    - The red areas are downtrends the green areas are uptrends

    - I was short in the first downtrend on the internals after we hit the BSL at PM high. I expected a break down from there but I was only targeting the FVG below me. Why? I think doing short reversals in uptrending intraday price action makes me just feel so scared because its so common to get squeezed out. If I was paying attention to the Quarterly and Monthly trend and noticed that yes we are still downtrending from those zones, I shouldve been more willing to look for an equal low or break to SSL. The internals did not have any uptrending price action until 10:30 which was about 30 minutes after I got out of my trade. During my trade the internals were not even red yet so I really was so early on that trade but I was unable to hold it long enough to see the full 10 points. Had I targeted the lower low attempt that wouldve been 11 points. I need to be more willing to do shit like that if I am going to be trading only 1 time a day.