Was trading off my phone and there was zero setup whatsoever. bad idea

Step 1: Liquidity hit

    - There was zero liquidity levels hit in the day. We never swiped out a BSL or SSL until after 12 when we did it to HOD and LOD

Step 2: Internal Confluence

    - ZERO internals in confluence. Firstly we have bullish internals until about 10:48 which would mean that we hit a SSL in the open and we never did that so there is no way to target a BSL if we never hit an SSL. Makes no sense. 

Step 3: Entry

    - No Entries that make sense. Terrible day of price action and I am disappointed in myself for not noticing how bad it was


What was wrong:

    1. No BSL or SSL hit

    2. VOLD ADD both doing opposing trends