Step 1: Hit Liquidity level 

    - We hit many BSL as you can see lol. Hitting BSL is not the only thing that HAS to happen though

Step 2: Internal Confluence

    - Nope we stayed trending up the entire day on all internals yet I was shorting. I know better


    Its very interesting how I missed the first long of the day which is the trade that I wanted and then I told myself that I need to just wait for the next opportunity and so long as we are above OP on VOLD then no matter how many BSL we hit we will keep trending higher. Its quite simple strategy but today I went fully against it and just traded like a complete idiot losing about 15 points over the course of 3 trades. I am not sure why I get the urge to be retarded but its so wild that I am this deep into trading and I still do dumb shit like that.