My strategy only exists about 10% of the time and its basically a trend day indicator. Today it became A+ at approximately 9:44 and it never stopped for the entire session. I had a missed fill by only 2 ticks that I was prepared to add into heavily for a big breakout trade and when the fill did not hit I basically sat around and was sad for hours because how many fucking times am I going to know something is going to happen and some bullshit occurs and I dont get to trade it? I dont understand how so many people are so lucky in trading and I plan everything and I still cant even catch a break in this fucking monopoly simulated money account in apex. Its truly depressing that I had the order ready and was prepared to add heavily and I miss by 2 ticks, then just to add icing to the cake I go fucking short later on on the highest SIBI short just for a tiny ass little fucking scalp and we hit my target to the exact tick and it did not fill me and I ended up losing $150 instead of making $200 which wouldve put me back to green on the day. Its just a sick joke to be a trader sometimes. The only thing I can do is just keep pushing and moving forward and wait for the day again where I can finally have a clean opportunity and nail the trade while adding into it. My stats right now are straight dog shit. Lets go over every trade I shouldve taken. 


4/4 internals bullish. go long dummy

Get in on lowest FVG and add as we retest that area which mitigates risk significantly. Target is breakout and then hold the rest for either highest SIBI or just take it all there.

Again missed the FVG but get in on the pullback for the breakout that will 100% of the time win because again 4/4 internals are bullish.

Another scalp long for the grinding green breakout

Another lowest BISI long here with target at HOD because again 4/4 internals means we just continue to breakout and rbeakout and breakout until the end of the day.

Alll of those scalps wouldve worked great but there is also another way to trade it that makes a bit more sense. Had I gotten in on lowest BISI then held for retests on every other lowest BISI that continued afterwards and then have targets at various staged int he trend but mostly targeting the highest SIBI I couldve made multiple multiple thousands of dollars. Its really a shame that I do this to myself and dont take these trades. This trade wouldve been nearly 20 points profit with 5ES and that is $250/pt so thats a $5k win if I just held and traded the plan accordingly. Since it was 4/4 and we are in massive bull trend and META was up 20% I couldve even held a runner for another $1k profit so today instead of being down $330 like a fucking dipshit I should have walked away with over $6k but obvbiously that wouldve been insanely difficult to achieve. I think my system needs to be a bit more retarded and if we have 4/4 and its just receeding and receeding and receeding from OP and there is no looking back then its just time to get in add and hold like a fucking king.