I guess the market really wants to move lower but the MMs are making it as hard as humanly possible to do so. Its kind of insane how many drop and massive recoveries we get that just rip up to HOD and then fail then do it again then fail for the last time and actually go lower. Its so depressing that its really that difficult to catch a short trade anymore. They fuck over everyone who is trying to daytrade this shit and its very discouraging. Luckily I realized that if VOLD and ADD are both down its just a matter of time before ES goes lower and follows them. Its pretty rare to see the vold adn add actually follow the ES and Mag7 was holding us up all morning because theres AAPL earning after hours. I am happy that I ended up taking that last trade because it put me back into the slight green but considering everything it was just a day where the market was C+ at best and trading it was going to be very difficult in any scenario. Again with NFP tomorrow and huge earning after close it is to be expected that this would occur but DAMN I couldve had a huge day today had I been more patient and waited for the big fuck off green move before the short happened but in the same regard it is so difficult to know that the MMs are going to do some bullshit like that, we break HOD then rip lower then break HOD again and rip lower. So insanely hard to trade that. At least I am green.