A+ scenario and I did make some money but I really botched the execution. well, it was not all my fault, I had my plan and my points of entry and we failed before we hit them. This is the 2nd day in a row where I had entries that missed by only 1 point or less and then they flew to exactly where I expected fully without me. Maybe its just because when the trade is so obvious it wont even hit those areas because everyone is trying to get in before it goes? I have no idea but the anger I feel when I am correct and miss my entry by only a few points is probably the most triggering anger that I ever feel within trading. It happened nearly 2 times today but thankfully I just marketed in and made money on the second attempt. Had I not done that though Id be sitting here with my fuckin dick in my hands after watching $2k of potential gains fly right past me. It is very hard to not get angry when you are 100% correct and very planned in your approach and the market just rips before you can even get a chance to get in. If there is anything in trading that makes me the most angry I can possibly be in a human body form it is that scenario. 

Not a bad trade but the point of trading MES early like this is so I can NOT take profits super fast especially on A+ days like this. If I wouldve just held this to probably EOD I bet it wouldve been almost $1k gain. 6MES for 30 points is exactly $900 in profit. That wouldve been insane to make on just MES and I easily couldve done it had I been more confident in my system. 

This is where I had to market in for the continuation short because I figured if my first limit order didnt get hit then this one probably wont either and I was right. When the market is just ripping and not giving a fuck about and FVGs I guess just get in and take it to previous day lowest BISI? I have no idea. 

How I shouldve traded this day: Hold the MES to see if we hit the previous day lowest BISI and once we get to 20 points scale out to only 1/4 position remaining. Also mark up all the FVGs and make sure you include the consecutive candles if they were also red and started at previous candles foot and its head is using as resistance. IF that happens its all 1 big Tick FVG. That is the ONLY way to make sure I get filled on everything.