Nothing to even show here, 2/2 internals and I made the right decision early on to just let the trade I had go because vold add ripped to NHOD back to back to back. Then I took 1 more stupid ass trade and lost $100 for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I need to create more discipline because its ridiculous to be trading when I know this strategy so well and I can identify when the day is going to be absolutely disgusting and I knew today would be disgusting yet I traded it anyway. What the fuck is wrong with me?? I need to really sit and think about these stupid decisions. When the day comes this month Ill be holding 15MES for LOD/HOD and Ill be sizing 5ES into the scalp trades looking for anywhere from 5-10 points on them and ill make an easy $3-5k in 1 day. That is how the strategy works so I need to get it through my thick ass skull that this will never work if I am the retard who trades on days where im almost guaranteed to lose money.