Its totally okay and fine that this happened as its impossible for it to never occur but I had the perfect idea on my first trade. Risk OP and see if we use that as resistance to go down to PML. That was about a 20 point of potential range for the ES and at open Weight was moving higher and I was waiting for it to do its daily fakeout before its selloff and I got in for the risk of op and then stopped out right at OP?? I have no idea why I would do that other than my not realizing it was 4 points away. I was simply scared to lose more money and that is it. Trading doesnt care how scared you are, it only cares about how optimally you can make a decision based on your strategy. I made a decision that was fully 100% correct and my plan was absolutely 100% perfect yet I let my psychology creep in and scare me out of the trade, Then when I got back in I couldnt hold it because I was already down from the first trade and terrified of losing more, even tho at that point the trade was a near certainty to happen. This is okay to happen every once in a while but this is a -150 to a potential +500 swing so that is $650 of profits that I wont be having because of a missed execution that was purely impulsive. This just shows you how much trading is about psychology still, even when you have a bulletproof strategy.