Not happy with how I traded today. On ES I was going short while Weight was still above its OP. This is the times where I can get into huge trouble if I dont scalp the everliving fuck out of the shorts. To be fair to myself, shorting was definitely the move viable option in terms of trading because VODL ADD bother were making NLOD right at 10:45 while Weight was moving higher and Indices. I had a hunch that it would be one of those, grind grind grind rip 20 points lower type of days and I was partially right so I got in for my very last trade and made back all of my losses plus an extra $225 ontop. Overall I think after my first Loss I shouldve just walked away. I took the way riskier approach today where I was willing to be down $500 if I was wrong and that is totally not okay on a day where my system is not even good in the first place..... In the future, get the money, if the system is ugly, just fucking leave. No reason to fight a market that has 1 perogative and that perogative is to take everyones money.