I had an internal feeling nearly all night yesterday and all day today that it was going to be a very hard day to trade and I was 100% right.....but I traded anyway. Im not sure why I do these things but its very silly and stupid. If there is ever a day where I feel as though it will be very difficult aka OPEX day then I need to give myself 1 and done. whether I win or lose I walk away. That is how it should be. And I should wait at least 1 hour after open to get a feel for twhat the MMs want to do with the price aka, is it bearish but we arent paying any bears? then short the highs and cover for scalps. Is it bullish but we dont want to pay bulls? buy the lows and sell into mid range. Its not too complicated. Disappointed I gave away $150 for no reason after a really solid week but thats how the cookie crumbles. Until next week.