I am not going to talk to myself negatively





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Alright well I was down -$1800 unrealized today from being a pure jackass and getting angry that my system was not right even though I knew we were going lower. I really need to understand that the market is ready to kill me at any moment. Any tiny little slip up and its the end of my career. That is truly how fast it can happen, just one single trade and its all over. I need to realize the importance of making absolutely picture perfect decisions as much as I humanly can. Today we had Mag7 and Indices all above their open price at open but they are very tempting in that the ADD and VOLD were both trendling lower as well as TICK so I knew we were going down it was just a matter of when. I was down $725 from taking trades that I absolutely should have won if there was no market makers but there are and they ripped us up through HOD before dropping us down 30 points from the high on a legit HOD breakout. The fact that they can do that is crazy but this is trading so either make money or shut the fuck up. 

Today there was only 1 moment where I was allowed to go short and that was at 11:50 exactly. At this point we had 3 internals bearish and attempting NLOD on VOLD and were at NLOD at ADD. Mag7 did its classic rip higher then fail epicly and the indices did its classic, drop fast as shit, grind higher for an hour, hit highest SIBI rips down fast as fuck

That was the trade, highest SIBI to lowest BISI or at least NLOD on the intraday and potential runner. That is my strategy right there. We have NLOD ADD VOLD and Indices doing its bullshit while Mag7 does it big ass fakeout and ES hits its highest SIBI......thats a damn near perfect scenario right there...the only thing that would make it better is if Mag7 was below OP and indices was not faking out OP over and over and over again. I think its just a common thing now that if you want to go short better be ready for some insane bullshit and always just take the profits