1. go fuck yourself

2. go FUCK yourself


4. Never reversal until at least 50ema is broken then you get 1 chance


Well yesterday I basically wrote a huge post to tell me "hey stop fighting the trend big guy" and today I fought the trend again. Trading is pretty much my arch nemesis at this point. Cant get anything going at all and feels pretty much impossble to win. Guess its time to just get long at open and pray while I watch myself make 10x more money than I could ever make intraday.


1. Structure

    - Wow look that is an uptrend. I think we should probably go long maybe. not sure tho LOL FUCKING IDIOT

2. Internals

    - Again huge trends up on everything but when we hit HOD I pretty much just started seeing it as a downtrend when its not a downtrend at all. Downtrends do not exist until either HOD or LOD is broken. Internals are not the same thing as the ES. They dont make the same price action moves. They are either green or red and being extreme green to just mildly green IS STILL FUCKING GREEN YOU FUCK HEAD. 

3. Weight

    - woop dee fucking doo look an uptrend wow. go short smarty

4. Futures

    - Hmmmm i think that is an uptrend, not sure tho

5. Sectors: risk on who woulda thought

6. NQ leading the move who woulda thought



Trend Reversal Long NQ

    - Trend reversal because every futures ticker was up huge on the day, Weight dropped at the open but then had a retardedly strong move because MSFT decided they wanted to release a statement that said literlaly just AI and nothing more and they gained 150 billion in market cap. just a fun little 4% increase because they said AI. I think the market is a little euphoric right now...not sure tho HAHAHAHAHAAA FUCKING RETARD

    - Yep go short ES in a huge uptrend in a flag pattern. Great idea. Make sure you do the opposite of literally everyone in the entire world. great idea

    - Yeah you already lost once just do it 2 more times NBD