- Today was tough but it was also me just fucking around with new concepts and seeing what happened. 


    - We had bounced around the FVG at the Lows of premarket and I noticed a 15m FVG right above so I went long with a target of the break of 4570 to go into that FVG. that was the whole thesis and it worked nicely. I also want to note that from 2-5am (London Session) that influx of volume is what allowed my TP to hit.


    - I got short in this zone looking for the downside of the FVG to hold and we use it as resistance for the move lower. I stopped out really fast though for very small loss and only 2 contracts. I think that today taught me 1 really important thing, FVG are always better when used in the trend direction. I mean duh right but I shorted a bunch of tops in the 15m FVGs. I was pretty much trying to find the top of a buy program and that top is more likely to be liquidity than an actual FVG break.

    - All of these trades were terrible. I got short 2 times thinking that the 15m liquidity level and the 15m FVG would hold as resistance but there is a buy program and there is no point in trying to find the top without the indication that it will happen first. I was short at the tops of ranges and had nice little scalps but never took the profits because I thought a bigger move was incoming. I shorted the top one time then the lows the next time and my PnL was just fluctuating +100 -100



    - Again used the FVG for resistance but not the right idea. I need to use it as support in uptrends. I went long targeting the liquidity draw on the highs and had a really nice 5 point trade but then I shorted the lows and lost all of it lol. Classic overtrading

    - Again just terrible trades where I am fighting the draw on liquidity. So not worth it to try to find the top unless the liquidity spot gets hit at least.


How should I have traded?

    - See how this FVG was hit then used as a spot to reclaim left behind orders. That opening FVG held and then we were going to target the biggest liquidity level before we were going to try to sell back off. That level on the bookmap was the biggest liquidity level where the most stops would get triggered and we broke into that spot and then finally had the balls to go backside. Sadly, I stopped shorting right before that happened but I learned a good lesson. If we have a high likelyhood of a range day then you can use liquidity levels as liqudity draw trades but never look for reversals below or above those zones unless (insert rule I havent discovered yet here)