Pretty ok day. Not sure if my second trade was luck or skill. First one I knew we were breaking out so I just scalped into the breakout for the nearly guaranteed easy money trade. VOLD ADD Mag7 and indices all holding above 10:00 OP so breakout was very likely. Now holding into the breakout for more was not likely because vold add were both below their 930 OP so continuation was just not going to happen. The market was just too neutral. I got short once I saw mag7 start to decline after never breaking out of its daily high while the indices made a lower high. Also even though add and vold were above their 10 OP they were still below their 930 OP so Sentiment was still slghtly leaning bearish amongst internals and especailly amongst the mag7 which is the primary driver in this market combined with NVDA investor day later so we probably get some ON move. Tomorrow we have pre FOMC day so likely to be slightly bullish but not aggressively bullish. then Wednesday we got nothing until 230. Not a bad start to the week