Really sketchy but nice opportunity today where I market 10 OP and based my trades off of that which I think is the biggest adjustment I need to make moving forward. Since everything was declining heavily after 10 considered a short to size into if things got better. That is exactly what happened. I was prepared to lose a lot though in this trade had it broken out. I waited to see what mag7 was going to do when it broke its high and it did a perfect fakeout of the high and reversed extremely strong to NLOD then the whole way through PDC and much further, all while the vold add and tick were making NLOD and the indices were shooting for it. This was not perfect but it was basically as clean as a short can be in 2024. I did a great job of not taking a big L before getting my win which I normally do. I was patient at the top and added once I saw serious confirmation then I didnt get too greedy expecting something ridiculous. I just took my 10 points on the size then held the rest for a much bigger win. Overall good day considering it went in my direction although that only puts me slightly green on the week as I basically lost 1500 this week anyways.