Did well to wait for the 10:00 turn. ADD VOLD both crashing since the open but indices mag7 breaking out, Mag7 broke a huge trendline then reversed back to downside while indices had a great green week and was primed for a 50% retracement pullback from the weeks move. Got short, didnt stop too early, added, took it at NLOD. I think this is a good trade but i couldve easily been more aggressive on it and targeted the PDC like I originally had in mind. Overall not a bad session but not a great session either. I could have walked away with about 2x what i did. I could say that pretty much everyday forever though so green is good and green is green. Just need to make sure my exits are systematic as possible. I think taking it a NLOD is a good idea simply from the fact that shorts dont work too often in this market and the indices were well above a huge descending trendline from last week. All in all only thing that couldve made me more aggressive is if i took the short before the news spike then added into it looking for NLOD. That is very sketchy though but given vold add PA not the worst idea.