#1 Goal: Reduce emotional responses that lead to distortion of stats within system

System Performance:

Strong Bearish: 9:30-9:42
Bullish Weak/Neutral: 9:42-11

Bearish strong: No entries

2m V shape entry

Bullish Neutral/Weak: 
Risk: 2.25
Reward: 5.25
Result: Win

Note: There were five 5m countertrending new H/L entries within this bullish weak series and every single one of these trades would have worked. I think this gives credence to the fact that this was a strong bullish trend but because CPI the following session it was going to be an ugly grinding green rather than a straight up continuation. Had I been taking these 5m countertrending trades it wouldve resulted in an insane 5/5 wins and 19 points in gains. This is ridiculous. 

My performance:

2m V shape reversal 2 times. first entry was 3 point loser second entry was 6 point winner

System: 5.25
Me: 3

How did I do with my #1 goal.
    I failed at reducing my emotional response to the market. I was angry that there was no trade opportunity thus I got mad at something outside of my control. I need to continue to counter that need for money feeling at all costs. With that thought inside my head im really just sitting and waiting for the day where I give up a ton of money again.