System Performance:

Bearish (Weak): 9:36-9:48
Bearish (Strong): 10:16-10:36


Zero Executions on first confluence. No entries

1. 2m FVG entry. 

Risk: 3
Reward: 5.5

2. 5m NH

Risk: 2pt

Risk: 5pts
Reward: 9.5pts

Result: Both would have won so 9.5pts

My Performance:
Discretion: Going into the day I noticed most of the market was very ugly and tricky. To rip lower at open with no pullups then a massive spike that gets faded heavily, that is tricky trading conditions and usually in those types of conditions I like to just stay away because I will constantly be right on my thesis but my execution will be much harder since seek and destroy conditions. 

Accidentally took this short with 2ES instead of 2MES so I closed immediately but had I followed the system it woudlve resulted in a 4 point win. Too bad I used way too big of size

Really nice 13 point winner here on MES but this was not part of my system. This is just a discretionary trade where I expected a rally into JP and bond auction bc internals were never really super strong to bearish side at all. Used the smallest size possible because that is what you do when you arent trading your strategy. 

Overall Results
System: 9.5
Personal: 13.25

Its important to note that all of my profits on the day came from me not trading my system so if it was only a system score I wouldve gotten 0.25 points compared to my system getting 9.5. This is a little concerning but again today was in general very ugly so I am happy to be green.