- Anytime I have more than 3 consecutive losses its a pretty good sign that I traded like shit. Once again I was up $200 with ES then gave it all back with MES overtrading during an ugly session

Trade #1: Got short near the open here for continuation through LOD because all 3 internals were moving lower including Weight. I got out fast though as trading at the open is very sketchy and once you hit target you take it and run. That first trade worked nicely as I got a decent small scalp. 

Performance: I performed 1st trade very nicely. The only thing I couldve done was maybe get in a few points higher but there was no confirmation until weight dropped so i think how I did it was pretty much how I should always do it.

Trade #2: Got long because VOLD broke back above OP as well as ADD and Weight was hitting some support, ES was also having a really hard time trying to break down and I noticed that pretty early on. This was again just another little scalp within my system. Take false breakdown then sell into first attempted new higher high as if we are still in a downtrend you dont hold long trades for continuation but you can hold them for pullups IF the internal momentum is in your favor which it was in that exact moment.

Performance: I think I performed nicely again on this trade as once again my entry was a little bit late but it was a clean IR entry and a clean exit 1 tick below the previous lower high. This was perfectly within my system and I traded it exactly how the system told me to 

This is where all of the bullshit began. Firstly why the fuck am I trading when the system is neutral? When did the system become neutral?

my pen software is all fucked up so sorry for ugly circles but once we broke HOD on VOLD and ADD and Weight then immediately flushed down like it was only a fakeout for bulls, that is when I get the hell out of the market as its not going to be easy and big green days dont come from days that are 10x harder than normal days lol. I was long in that move and I shouldve had a hard stop at -%50 of daily ES profits but instead I held the whole way back down for like a 5 point loss when I was up nearly 5 points with 3 contracts. That was really just disbelief that I was going to lose more than anything. I really didnt expect the market to do that so I was just avoidiing the stop loss. Again the market gives no fucks about me and my plan and my bias, it only gives out objective data and I can either listen to it and act or I can do the opposite of it and lose every day. Which one is better???