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For traders and investors looking for a FREE Trading Journal Excel, look no further. In this post, we will share with you TradeJournal.co link to having your Free Trade Excel Sheet.

Those who follow our Youtube and Twitter must have been informed that we are nearing the end of our BETA mode here in TradeJournal.co. Our BETA phase is being run as a means to test our 3 main modules: Analytics, Community, and Mentors. You can learn more about us and what makes a day trader on our about page. 

To take full advantage of TradeJournal's community, remember to join the official TradeJournal Discord (step #3) where we have numerous trading chat rooms covering a massive number of trading topics and asset classes. If you want to get a major head start, consider working with one of our well-documented mentors and advance your learning by taking a personal mentorship with one of them. Always remember that you are also invited to join the Fast Track program to access all your mentors’ content. For a limited time, while we're still in Beta mode we'll be offering all Fast Track users extra bonuses. 

Back to the topic, we are all here to discuss: TradeJournal.co Free Trading Journal Excel Sheets

As you may remember, TradeJournal.co started by sharing our 100% Free Google Sheet Trading Journal Template in 2018, followed by two other Google Sheet Formulas in 2019. Finally last year, we progressed and released the beta version of the trader's journal as it is now. To fully benefit from our website without using your credit cards (because we are FREE!) create an account and join our growing community.

If you'd still prefer to use the original trading journal google sheets check out the 4 unique versions available to download:

  1. Trading Journal | Google Sheet 2019 v2
  2. Trading Journal | Google Sheet 2019
  3. Trading Journal | Google Sheet 2018
  4. Trading Journal | 25k Stock Challenge

For those who loved the OG TradeJournal Google Sheets we hope you will find just as much to love (if not much more) in this new TradeJournal application. We are excited to grow with you and be a part (no matter how big or small) of your journey to becoming the trader you have always dreamed of!

Thanks for being part of this journey early on and contributing to the growth of this FREE online trading journal. Please comment below or find more communication options on our support page with any ideas or feedback.

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