Seeing how europeans live their lives made me really rethink what I want out of my own life. Im not sure I really give a fuck about making a ton of money and working my ass off 24-7. It may be a healthier and better life to have true balance. Im not sure that means living paycheck to paycheck but it defintiely means what I am currently doing is not the life I want to live. I want to have more fun, do more things, talk to more people, focus on the life to live rather than the life I expect to be the "happy version" which is making a lot of money. Its easy for me to sit around now while being dead broke and seeking out money via hard work, but once I make enough to save I absolutely will calm down and just start prepping for the things that actually matter in this life. Those things are, marrying shimmy, having children, exploring our planet, having fun businesses that require work but require more creativity than actual labor. The goal moving forward is to make enough to live and making enough to save and that is it. In the next 6 months my goal is to firstly make $2k/mo for my expenses which would cover pretty much everything I would ever want to do even while living in a more expensive city. The next goal is to save at least $500/mo until I reach a target of 6mo expenses= $12k. Then once that threshold is broken I will begin to place money into longterm investment ideas such as real estate and short term rentals. How do I achieve this goal?

Trading: To say trading is somewhat dead to me is a bit sad but at the same regard I have been doing this for 4 years and have done really nothing but lose a lot of money in the process. I hardly even have the chance to trade given the rarity of my strategy being good. It really only works for maybe 30-50 days of the year where I can get serious gains. The rest of the year is really just breakeven back and forth trading. Without nailing those big days this strategy simply does not work. I need to be ready any day to pull the trigger and go for big gains while risking a lot but on the days of shit I need to just sit back and not care about what happens. It is not really a far fetched idea to make $2k on those days where the strategy is very good. I need to use 4ES and get 10 points and on these days where the strategy is very good I can easily get 10 and sometimes the moves go for 50 points with virtually no pullbacks. Someday I will be able to pull $10-$20k out of those single days alone but for now going for the $1k trade then eventually the $2k trade maybe 2-3x per month is very dueable. 

After 10:00 (A+)
1. Are we continuing the 9:30 momentum with the 10:00 OP?
2. Are we 4/4 or at least 3/4 with a close threshold and not huge divergence?
3. Is there big news tomorrow or the day of? (Not A+ if so)

Those rules are very very simple and easy to follow. Its not complicated but when I want to make it complicated I can easily do that and risk a lot more than I should. We will see tomorrow what the market brings, until then we move forward with our plans.

Window Cleaning: Sales is truly everything in the world of making money. I know that I am a personable person who is intelligent enough to pick up on social queues, let alone I am a psychologist after all lol. To be able to extract money from a client where I believe in the service is a skill that could possibly make me 100000x more money than trading ever could. I am an extrovert who is very in tune with the wishes and wants of most people. If I can work on that and really discover how to extract, I will make way more money than I will ever need. To start this process I need to do the window cleaning stuff ASAP. If I dont start this now I will surely not become good enough by the end of the summer to make any real income from it. If it doesnt work who cares, Ill be ok. Even if I get only 5 sales per week that is still pretty great money for me so long as my minimum is $125. I will start this on monday 6/24 and see how far I can take it. If it works really well I will immediately reinvest in better equipment so that I am able to do the jobs faster. 
1. Get the fucking patch from this dipshit already
2. Sew on patch
3. Get large containers to hold fresh soft water so no streaks are left behind
4. bath towels, microfiber towels
5. Practice and read the script over and over until it feels as though there is nothing the client can say where it stops the sale. "No" is the very beginning of the sale

Construction: Eh im really over this shit already after only 3 months of serious work. I will still do work here and there but to make this a full time job I simply have way too little experience in it and I would need to dedicate at least a year of working for someone else to really get the grasp of how well I need to do the work to justify what I would want to charge for it. I think I need to just keep my skills on standby for the occasional job and more importantly the airbnbs I will build in the future. When I have full creative control and can make sure I am doing everything correct where If I fuck up I am the only one getting hurt, that will be the dream scenario. I will happily stop doing everything to build another airbnb because of how incredible of a business model it is. 

Winter: Once winter hits I will have to slow down on really all service businesses. IF I can trade properly leading up to that point trading may be able to get me through the winter or possibly I could save up enough money to make it through without being super anxious and worried about finances. If I need to get a sales job somewhere within a company I believe in, I will happily take it to be able to put food on the table. If they want experience what better experience is it to say "well I bought $1k worth of window cleaning equipment and hit 50 houses a day for 3 straight months in the summer creating my own script and my own service as well as fully being the 100% sole owner of the company." If the company I apply to doesnt like that then they must be retarded. 

1. Start window cleaning sales Tomorrow
2. Make $3k/mo to ensure I can save as well as live properly (being able to have fun)
3. Badger the fuck out of the surveryors so I can get things moving NOW
4. Finish out my construction obligations and if I have to charge more because its not worth my time then so be it. This is not a company I want to have forever.

Within the next year goals:
1. Save $12k for 6mo expenses
2. Save $6k for the beginning of marrying Shimmy (Ring/simple wedding)
3. Work hard but no so hard I neglect fun. I need to make sure I still do the things that make me happy and those things were never related to money. I like exploring and discovering/talking to new people. That is the only thing I enjoy that costs money. Everything else is 100% free like being with family and loving my girlfriend. I can easily get in my truck and sleep in it for a weekend somewhere fun and pay nothing for a hotel and pack food to eat. I can essentially do what I love for pretty much $150 because gas is expensive. If I did that even 2 times per month that is only $300 to have a great time discovering new places and new people.