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Profit: $6,717.39


August Analysis

When I take a birds eye view of this month it's the R:R that sticks out the most and this has ripple effects everywhere. Take my higher profit margin for example, 33.72% vs 30.02% avg although my win ratio was lower 61.13% vs 66.64% avg. This is because my risk management was better. I was cutting losses quicker and it shows in my R:R this month.

August R:R

59.47 (1.36%)
-70.61 (-1.31%)

Avg R:R

84.38 (1.56%)
-133.23 (-1.70%)

The only big issue is that my % is closer to 1:1 but the $ amount isn't. This basically means I'm sizing too big on my loosers. I think that's mainly because I'm avg in a bit more to lower CPU AND the winners pop and I've never had a chance to size in fully. The best answer to this is increase base size where I don't need to size in more. Than cut losses quickly and with the winners not change much, in a hot market ideally add into winners.

Updating my Max Loss Q2-Q3 to half has been helpful too. It's made me much more mindful in the slower summer trading months. Keeping profits is extra important because there's less opportunities to makes them back. More info here: Day Trading MOMO | COMPLETE RULEBOOK.

More changes:

  1. Recording myself has been a major advantage, super glad I brought that back.
  2. MACD on 1m chart to help identify strong rallies and weakening frontsides
  3. 6 smaller 5m charts on second screen for better overview.


Trading Analytics Analysis

  1. Insights
    1. Tuesday & Wednesday's still my best days
    2. 7-8 still my best time
    3. Holding trades over 2m, is a bad sign
  2. P&L Calendar
  3. Running P&L Calendar


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