November 10th, 2022

    -Eh just poor trading altogether. Not sure why I ever thought to go short at all. We had the most bullish news of the year (no exaggeration) because CPI is steadily declining which is the entire reason the market crashed in the first place. If Inflation gets under control we will rally back to highs, it is only a matter of time. Not sure why I thought to go short on an easy money long day but I did so lets review.



1d:2m 1st Trade: Call Option Trend Continuation

    -This is a Trend continuation because I went for a higher low off the oval area using the initial top in the open candle as support since we steadily broke above it. Took profits very nicely right before the big red candle. Really happy with mostly this exit because I identified weakness and got out for a profit before the big red move happened. Not a bad trade. On a day like today where we have super bullish news, any trend continuation trades are going to be A trades so this was clearly an A setup even though it flushed down through this spot. 


1d:2m 2nd Trade: Put Option Trend Reversal/Frontside Short


    - I assumed that we would try to fill the gap since it was a 17 point move higher and we have this massive profit taking opportunity. Once we hit the top trendline I got in and was going to stop over the trendline. I held too long and stopped right before the bigger breakout. Super stupid. I also was trying to go long on the dotted white line below which was hugee support on the daily and smaller timeframes. I missed that trade then decided to go short?? that is so stupid. Just because I missed my thesis does not mean I have to switch the thesis and do the opposite. That is beyond stupid. 


1d:2m 3rd Trade: Put Option Trend Reversal/Frontside Short

    -Now the revenge starts. I thought we would have those huge supply zone massive drops in a very quick chase move so I wanted to get in fast and let it ride for a little with a wider stop. Didnt work. Again this was the most bullish day of the year by a wide margin. WHY AM I SHORTING? I am basically begging the market to take my money shorting on a day like this. If there is easy money I was doing the opposite of it.


1d:2m 4th Trade: Put Option Supply Zone/Frontside Short

    -Yeah again same thesis as last trade. Supply zone but its really all just a hope and really its just a frontside short trade. Supply wasnt gonna happen on a day where we finally have CPI coming down.


Easy Money: Trend Continuation Long

    -This was by far the easiest money of the day. Sadly, I wanted this trade and I was waiting a long time for it but I hesitated because I thought that since the gap up was so large that if we did fail it would be a massive move lower. Unfortunately, once I missed this trade I ended up shorting because I just missed it. Really need to know when to just leave the market alone.