November 8th, 2022

    -Ouch, poor discipline and poor execution.



1d:2m: 1st Trade: Trend Continuation Short

    -There are so many reasons why this is a bad trade. Firstly, we are in an uptrend on the daily so shorting in general is shit. Secondly, I said 10 times that if we bounce hard on those first drops then it will be hard to short and that is exactly what happened and i kept shorting. Thirdly, We are above the downtrend so why the fuck would i short anyway? Idk bunch of retarded shit here so i guess when i beg for retarded questions and retarded profits then i will get a retarded answer. so disgusting go fuck yourself


1d:2m: 2nd Trade: Trend Reversal Short/ Supply Zone Short

    - I get the idea behind this but damn what the fuck are you doing. Massive grinding green move all morning this thing is not reversing and its definitely not a good setup so why the fuck am I using big size on it? idk just stupidity but thats okay I wouldnt be trying to be a daytrader if I wasnt just a little retarded first cuz who the fuck actually does this for more than a month and continues? idiots LOL


EAsy Money: 

Suck my dick and go long and jump off a cliff. when you get out of the emergency room youll be up 500%. dont bet against america and short this market even if we are 400% above the inflation target. fucking dipshit