All im gonna say is Macro, Micro, Intraday. Way less emphasis on intraday as that is what the internals are good for but the Macro, Micro need some serious work. 

Last week we had a day on friday where we were 4/4 internals but since the micro trend was still going down, we just broke the high and reversed very heavily to the downside. I got crushed as a result. How do I prevent this in the future?

As you can see, even if we have 4/4 longs, yes go long, but do not hold and add for a huge trade as its just unlikely to flip that trend that quickly. Albeit, the macro is still very much to the long side so when we do break that trend it might be a huge green day but it also might just get flushed into. All in all, when the trend flips like that I need to be ready to short the large spikes and hold for a daily level to get hit instead of going for the small scalps that just keep me breakeven. 

This is a perfect example. As we have 4/4 internals, we break the uptrend then just collapse and end the day down about 50 points from the high. Yes, going long is fine during this uptrend but when it dies its so much easier to just get short, add, hold until daily level is reached.