Full Analysis: 

September 26th, 2022

    -Ahh I finally broke my green streak but at least I know exactly what I did wrong today and to be completely honest I deserve this loss and it really couldve been so much worse than it was. 



1st Trade: Trend Reversal (short)

This trade was a perfect example of how sometimes your setup just does not work. When I took this trade we had a nice trendline break to the downside and then we spiked right back up through, hit my stop, then we came back down. I lost 42 on this trade because I wanted to size up today but thank god I didnt continue with this same sizing the rest of the day or I would be down at least $100. In hindsight I think that this trade was really not bad but I just kind of got unlucky that it was not a clean break to the downside but instead it had that last fakeout candle. Last week this same thing happened to me and I re-entered very fast and made back the losses but today since I was sized up I didnt want to risk 2 losers back to back and have a huge red day on my very first attempted trades of the day. In hindsight, that was a pusssssy move of me and I really should not have been such a little bitch. Sizing up is so fuckin hard man. Im not sure how I couldve avoided this trade because we broke trend by 50 cents so that checks out, we faked out to upsidde right before this so that checks out, and we had a clear trend break with a retest. I think maybe it wouldve been smarter to just avoid this move altogether and try to possibly take the later day trendbreak. Then again idk this really seems like just one of those times where I was going to lose and there was nothing I couldve done about it. 

This leftward trendline is the one I used for my first trade and the second one is the one I probably shouldve used. (once we break highs a new trendline must be drawn to adhere to the current price action) This wouldve just lost me money yet again though, again not really sure how I couldve avoided this move. 


2nd Trade: Trend Continuation (long)

This is the biggest mistake of the day and just a completely unacceptable loss that I couldve avoided a million times over and I truly and so disappointed in myself that I took this trade to the long side. This is my PERFECT setup for a short trend reversal trade. We have a clean trendbreak that includes all bottom wicks, we have a clean retest of the trendbreak line that faked out multiple times. We have a small uptrend that is broken down perfectly for trend continuation to the downside. Just wow I mean it truly does not get any better than this for a trend reversal trade combined with a trend continuation setup. This set the entire precedent for the day where after this I took many completely stupid trades that really fucked up my P/L and my mindset moving forward. Such an awful mistake that I cannot ever make again. My thesis going long here was truly nothing more than a hunch and when u try to be a human being and trade like one you get fucked and that is exactly what happened. Luckily, right after this I took a put on TSLA which made back a big chunk of my losses but that was really only a move I took because I expected the lagging TSLA to conform to the SPY movement which is really not a good idea yet again. 


3rd Trade: Trend Continuation short

Another pretty awful trade here. Took the short right at the middle of the green spike up and it fuckin flew up and spiked my out immediately just for it to fly right back down. Luckily, I got right back in on trade 4 and made back my losses but jesus this was an awful time to go short hahhaa. I shouldve yet again waited for htat nice retest of the previous low before taking this trade. On trade #4 I took the breakdown of the mini uptrend that we created and made a nice bit back but I just hate both of these trades, they both suck and are basically me just being pissed off that I was red for the first time in 13 sessions. The 5th trade again was just another "oh lets see if i can minimize damage" trade. Again WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING???? Why do I have to trade my P/L all the fucking time. Its embarassing that I took this trade with genuinely no reason other than, "oh maybe this will go long." That is so fucking stupid that I really dont even know what the fuck to say about it. Just so fucking bad. 

4th Trade: Trend Continuation short (See Chart Above)

5th Trade: Trend Reversal long (See Chart Above)

6th Trade: Trend Reversal long

yes another loser. Took the trendbreak to the upside and went to get a shower because I expected us to move higher after breaking the trend. Holy fucking shit was I wrong hahahhahaha. Immediately got fucked on this and just solidified my red day to be higher than my avg green day which just sucks and makes me feel awful about my performance. I shouldve avoided this firstly, because its late as hell in the day, and secondly, because we only broke out a measly 45 cents above the trendline which is just begging for a fakeout to the downside. oh man this one just realllly put me on tilt even more than any other trade of the day becuase it made my day worse than an avg green day AND I waited for my setup to occur and it happened and I lost hahha. Meanwhile I took multiple setups earlier that were ugly and not clean and they all lost as well. Pretty awful day of trading.


1st Trade $TSLA Trend Reversal

I took this trend reversal on TSLA basically because I missed the trend continuation trade on the SPY which yet again is a fucking stupid reason to take a trade. You do not take a trade because something else did something, you take a trade when the setup occurs. This was hardly a setup. We did technically get the breakdown of the trend so I dont think this is really that bad of a trade because we broke trend and retested that zone but very weakly and then continued lower. I scalped the absolute shit out of this move and made like 36 on it. I was oversized just from the fact that I had reallly no idea how much TSLA moves and I dont take these trades often so to make 36$ on a super fast trade that I am not used to taking is kinda risky. I like how I made money obviously but idk if this is a good trade or not since I dont normally trade other mega caps. 


Missed (easy money) Opportunities:

Trend Reversal/Trend Continuation Short

This was the best and easiest trade of the day by a mile and I fucking went long hahahhaa. I already talked about this trade above but wow when I delete all my ugly ass trendlines and other shitty trades I took it jsut makes it even that much more clear that this was the easiest money of the day by a longshot. I shouldve taken the retest area risking premarket high (green dotted line) and then waited for the breakdown through previous day close. If I took this with the same size I used on my first trade I wouldve walked away with wayy more money than I lost on that first losing trade. Ahh pain.


Trend Continuation Short

(right arrow)

Again this was just a clean trend continuation trade to the downside where we had a sideways consolidation and a bunch of trendbreak attempts that tried to go back to the upside that failed multiple times and then the price action tightened and broke back to the downside. This is not really an "easy" trade because we are not in a clear trend to the downside with lower highs and lower lows so it wouldve been a very difficult trade to take under any circumstance but on a tricky day like today this seems like the 2nd best easy money opportunity of the day and guess what I did in this zone? Yeah I went fucking long hahahhaha.


Takeaways: Ah man I knew ending the green streak would hurt but I didnt think it would hurt this much. I know that its just a part of trading but for some reason I am so tilted and angry that I finally broke it. I know that 90% of that anger is attributed to me just completely fucking up my system and taking trades to the wrong direction, missing easy money, and overtrading so many times that I really just had no business doing. When I lost 40 and then made back 36 on the Tesla trade I really shouldve just gave up and stopped trading altogether but instead I kept fighting the market and going for trades that in theory made sense but in price action did not. Trading is not about theories it is about repeatable actions that can be done on a daily basis and I have my setups that are repeatable but I messed them up very badly. Also, I started the day with 2x my normal size and I think that opening loss really just shook me up because its really hard for me to run away from the fact that if I lose 2 trades with 2x size then I am wiping out a minimum of 2 avg green days which is just poor risk management and that is really every traders #1 job. Oh well, I will come back better tomorrow and I wont fuck up my setups and I will stick to my plan and not take any trades based on hunches.