Strategy: Liquidity Hit, Liquidity Draw

Step 1: Hit BSL or SSL

Step 2: Internals must all be trending in same direction and we must we going in the direction of the next liquidity level

    ex. Hit BSL internals must be trending down then you target the lower liquidity level

Step 3: FVG or Order Block Entry. 

    - This step is a little bit up for grabs because I think so long as I target the next liquidty level it doesnt really matter how I get in so long as I keep my stops super wide but that would break the whole 5 point loss leave and 10 point loss leave rules. I think maybe those rules are making me too selective though. Im unsure what steps to take moving forward to lets see what we can dig up.


Step 1: Hit BSL at PMH

Step 2: Internals trending down after hitting upwards BSL

Step 3: FVG left behind on reversal but we never touched it again. I wouldve had to get in at the break of BSL for the best entry. If you look at internals at 9:40 we were breaking down pretty heavily especially on the ADD. The reversal happened at 10 so that is a 20 minute wait for the reversal. I could have definitely gotten in at the break of PMH and then the break back down through it. Stop is candle closure above PMH. 


Potential Opportunity:(IF short at PMH)

Risk: 1 point

Reward: 29 points



Step 1: BSL Hit

Step 2: Internals all trending down together

Step 3: 

    - Step 3 is difficult because at the open we just immediately rip to the downside. This is a better example of something that is very tricky. I think its becoming more and more evident that I need to simply trust the strategy and let it go. Even shitty entries are still better entries than no entry. 

Potential Trade: Short second leg high Target liquidity at PML

Risk: HOD 5 points

Reward: 20 points with 1 add into it 



Step 1: SSL was never hit. We only double bottomed on that level. I would have a hard time considering this "broken" but touching is better than completely avoiding

Step 2: Internals all trending up after SSL hit

Step 3: Another day where entry is very sketchy and conveluted. 

Potential Trade: Long over the OP (bottom red line) see if that holds as support since internals are trending up then add into the next pullback into the FVG and sell 1 point below the PMH 

Risk: 3 points

Reward: 10 points



Step 1: BSL hit many times over in multiple zones from the overnight NVDA earnings 

Step 2: Internal Trend is also quite ugly. At the open we trend down then reverse to trending up until going back down but not until 10:10am on the VOLD and not until 11:40 on ADD. Weight was moving the market more this day because of NVDA. 


    - This was the replacement for the ADD because weight was moving the entire market. You can see within the first 30 minutes we sold off the entire after hours move. This could be replacing ADD so ADD trend down and VOLD trend not down until 10:10 

    - SSL can be target once 10:10 is confirmed to have internals trending lower. This downtrend is so strong though that its fuckin really really hard to catch this trade.

    - This is kinda the only spots to get short but idk i really have a hard time seeing myself get those trades so I am okay with the fact that no matter what I probably would not have gotten a trade in on this day.


Step 1: We have 3 BSL hit in the morning and JP was talking so today was expected to be a huge day of volatility

Step 2: Internals are all trending down from the open so SSL should be a target

Step 3: Entry

    - Again another tricky and convoluted day. Target stays the SSL at PDL and a previous LL from earlier on in the week. I guess maybe since its so volatily and we hit 3 BSL then maybe I could expect the trend to flip very fast and take an entry at the HOD but that is just so fucking hard to do. If I traded this correctly I couldve gotten at least 20 points but I could easily lose 10 points on this.