We all already know TradeJournal.co's Discord aka Trading Chatrooms is one of the best stock trading communities out there. What you may not know is that it just got a whole lot better.. (more below).

Community is one of the three parts that is proven to make a well-rounded trader.

It provides trades:

  1. Support for questions or those nasty red days
  2. Accountability for showing up and sticking to rules
  3. Constant feedback loop and shared learning



The Best Discord Stock Trading Community



2 TradeJournal Trading Discord Updates


1. πŸŸ   Username = Mentor

@TriadTrading became a mentor on TJ not too long ago. If you ever need any help he's definitely an awesome source along with @davidfooser and @Disciplined Daytrader


2. πŸ”΄  Username = Moderator

@TraderJim has been helping TJ with the future API broker imports and recently offered to help keep the TJ discord safe from invaders. So you'll be seeing his name now in red. Beware. Couldn't be more grateful for our community. Extra thanks to you guys that are taking on these roles, a big reason this community is what it is today! 🍻


How Much Does The Discord Cost?

It's currently 100% free and we plan to keep it that way. 


How To Join Best Stock Trading Discord?

Just click the invite link: 


Or follow the Left Nav Bar > Community > Chatrooms


Pro Trading Tip?

Have an accountability partner. Share this page with your friend and tell them to join! The more the merrier. If you don't have any trading friends (we understand trading can be a lonely place), that's why we have this community, just show up every day and you'll make some new connections you might just have for a very long time.


(Que the money rain)