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πŸŽ‰ Episode #36 is live! 🎧

We kick off this episode by analyzing if the market has found a temporary bottom and delve into the current trading environment. Our hosts Danny, Alex, and Tom share their experiences and strategies for navigating these turbulent times. Topics range from Colby's chatroom tips to the truth behind copy trading, and from algo trading ROI to what it means to be a pro trader. We also discuss the recent Netflix stock collapse, the crypto market cap, and Peter Lynch-style investing. To cap it all off, we provide some game plans for going forward.

0:00 πŸ“‰ Market Find Temp Bottom? (BIG INDICATOR)
3:44 🌐 Current Trading Environment
9:01 πŸ’° Danny's Trading ($SMX, $PRZO, $SPCB)
21:05 πŸ“‰ Alex's Struggle In The Market
22:25 πŸ’ͺ Tom's Trading Conviction
23:53 πŸ“Š Current Market Adjustment ($SMX Example)
29:00 πŸš€ Recent IP $MSS Stock
31:47 πŸ›‘ No Such Thing As A Pull-Back
36:39 πŸ—¨οΈ Colby's Trading Chatroom Tips
42:15 πŸ”„ Truth Behind Copy Trading
44:33 πŸ€– Algo Trading ROI
48:15 πŸ† What Does It Mean To Be A Pro Trader?
52:45 πŸŽ₯ Netflix Stock Collapse: Oct 2021
55:59 πŸͺ™ Crypto Currency Market Cap
57:01 πŸ“ˆ Peter Lynch Style Investing
1:01:30 🎬 Dumb Money Movie "Schnelles Geld"
1:04:20 πŸ“‰ SPY Mid-Day Crashing
1:09:42 πŸ“… Trading Gameplans Going Forward


As always, we're incredibly grateful for your support. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out or leave a comment below the video. We're always here to help! 😊 Happy trading and stay tuned for more episodes!

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The TRUTH Behind Copy Trading & Trading Chatrooms #E36


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00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:12.629
Alexander Winkler: man. Today was a busy day in the the markets, and the spy is actually less the spy and more than Nasdaq. Huh? Like, yeah, it was. It's such a weird

00:00:13.569 --> 00:00:15.250
Alexander Winkler: are like percent.

00:00:15.460 --> 00:00:28.629
Colby Warshel: yeah, back in August of last year, whenever the bottom formed on spy, I'm gonna bring it up actually, because it's just really interesting. Some guy that I've been talking to brought this to my attention, and it was just really fascinating.

00:00:31.289 --> 00:00:32.598
Colby Warshel: Let's see.

00:00:32.870 --> 00:00:34.779
Alexander Winkler: it was fascinating.

00:00:38.329 --> 00:00:43.598
Colby Warshel: Why doesn't this have my screen that I wanted to share. Well, here it is.

00:00:50.710 --> 00:00:53.449
Colby Warshel: Let's go to a new drawing set.

00:00:54.929 --> 00:00:56.428
Alexander Winkler: And what is this now?

00:00:56.669 --> 00:00:58.480
Colby Warshel: So this is just the spy.

00:00:59.319 --> 00:01:10.859
Colby Warshel:  Well, yes, futures same thing. But last year in October or September, I guess whenever we made this bottom in October.

00:01:11.049 --> 00:01:12.470
Colby Warshel: damn! That was like

00:01:12.590 --> 00:01:16.049
Colby Warshel: 3 days from today, is only bottomed out.

00:01:16.189 --> 00:01:31.568
Colby Warshel: This day was the day that Cpi came in. The hottest it ever was. So it was like the worst Cpi reading possible that we've had, and that was the day that we marked the bottom, and that from the low of day to the high of day it was.

00:01:31.809 --> 00:01:35.088
Colby Warshel: Wow, a hundred 90 fucking points. That's crazy.

00:01:36.039 --> 00:01:47.889
Colby Warshel: Wow! That's crazy. So from the low of day to the high of day, that was a hundred 90 point move. To put it in perspective, like the average daily range on the on the Es futures is like 50 points. So that was like

00:01:48.000 --> 00:01:50.048
Colby Warshel: almost 4 x

00:01:50.279 --> 00:02:08.879
Colby Warshel: yeah, 4 x pretty much the average daily move. And that was on the worst possible news we've ever had. So it's kinda common. I feel like whenever we get some kind of really shitty news in the overall market that that's gonna Mark, like, whenever you get really bad news. And one thing is supposed to happen, and the opposite happens that usually is like a really good indicator for a bottom.

00:02:08.970 --> 00:02:14.978
Colby Warshel: And last Friday we had non farm payroll come out, and it was

00:02:15.389 --> 00:02:20.919
Colby Warshel: like probably the worst an Fp that we've had in like

00:02:21.139 --> 00:02:36.769
Colby Warshel: probably ever it was off by like 180,000 jobs, which is a fucking lot, and that was after they already revised it by like 60 K. Extra jobs. And then you can see here like we went down really hard, and then we rallied from that low, like 120 points.

00:02:36.840 --> 00:02:47.850
Colby Warshel: So a lot of people are saying that like, since that news was so terrible like on the initial reaction. It was a 50 point drop. And then throughout the day we rallied a hundred points from that low. So

00:02:47.889 --> 00:03:10.399
Colby Warshel: that's another good example of like. Whenever something is supposed to happen and the news is leading in one direction, the complete opposite happens, and it's extremely strong. That's usually a good sign that, like a bottom, may have formed. So this might be like a short term bottom right here last Friday. And now we're just rallying like crazy like crazy off of that market really doesn't make sense most of the time. Huh? I mean, you got the

00:03:11.460 --> 00:03:18.139
Alexander Winkler: the massive attacks going on in the Middle East right now on the market is just having one of its biggest green days on

00:03:19.259 --> 00:03:22.538
Alexander Winkler: big green days back to back.

00:03:22.779 --> 00:03:28.059
Colby Warshel: Yeah, like this gap down. That happened Sunday was because of the attacks.

00:03:28.240 --> 00:03:31.509
Colby Warshel: And then we just rallied like crazy through it.

00:03:31.629 --> 00:03:39.548
Alexander Winkler: This is a huge gap. Yeah, that's a huge gap on the on the futures. 30 points is like you never see a 30 point gap ever.

00:03:39.970 --> 00:03:46.848
Colby Warshel: You could scroll back forever, and you'll never find a 30 point gap, like. you know, usually it's like this, 8 points.

00:03:47.350 --> 00:03:48.409
Alexander Winkler: right? But

00:03:48.500 --> 00:03:51.439
Alexander Winkler: yeah, it's insane. Huh? Absolutely insane.

00:03:52.329 --> 00:03:55.389
Colby Warshel: Yeah. People are definitely trying to like short this move and

00:03:55.730 --> 00:03:58.779
Colby Warshel: are just getting crushed, including me.

00:04:01.340 --> 00:04:10.449
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, alright. So okay. So you're short bias then, mostly right now. Or I mean not really. I just was shorting. I went short today a couple of times, even though I definitely shouldn't have. And I

00:04:10.879 --> 00:04:17.949
Colby Warshel: gave back the money I made yesterday. Some read on the week like a hundred bucks. Now, yeah, it's definitely not a

00:04:18.110 --> 00:04:23.039
Alexander Winkler: short kind of environments, really more of a follow the trend and hold on for do your life.

00:04:23.990 --> 00:04:24.769
Colby Warshel: Yeah.

00:04:27.009 --> 00:04:31.239
Alexander Winkler: yeah. My investment portfolio, which is down 20 K is

00:04:31.259 --> 00:04:53.808
Alexander Winkler: is up 2 K today which I haven't seen my investment portfolio be up in what feels like 3 months. So even even green days are usually like $200. So today is an insane big green day for me in terms of investment portfolio, and then you add that to the one k profits and trading. It's like a nice little bump in the portfolio.

00:04:54.059 --> 00:04:55.059
Colby Warshel: But

00:04:55.179 --> 00:05:07.428
Alexander Winkler: yeah, it's it's it's keeping. And it's holding onto any profits that seems to be so difficult. You know, I've I've like a few steps green, and then either one big step backwards, or then a few big, you know, steps back again.

00:05:07.649 --> 00:05:13.789
Alexander Winkler: So I've I'm just kind of trending in this like No Man's Land, which is getting kind of exhausting. But

00:05:14.250 --> 00:05:22.740
Alexander Winkler: that's just how it is, you know. That's just how it is. As a trader. Sometimes you have this very poor months that just kind of drag on for a while. It's kind of what we're in.

00:05:23.559 --> 00:05:48.038
Colby Warshel: I feel like. For me, it's so shitty, because I never really had any kind of actual streak that lasted more than like 3 months. So like every single time something bad happens like, I'll do good for a month, and something bad happens. I just immediately revert back to oh, I definitely am not a profitable trader. I'm not that good. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm not consistent yet, whatever, and I just like go down the spiral of like changing my system and trying to do different strategies and doing all this bullshit. And it's like.

00:05:48.429 --> 00:06:02.500
Colby Warshel: Oh, my God! When is it ever gonna end? I feel like I need like a 6 month, just like, you know how to trade. Here's 6 months of data to show you that you can trade. And then, after that, if something bad happened, I wouldn't be like, oh, my whole world is gonna explode, you know.

00:06:02.689 --> 00:06:12.340
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, it definitely made a huge difference. Once I had some profits in the rear view mirror. And I kind of was like, Okay, well, it's you know, I'm like.

00:06:12.750 --> 00:06:28.538
Alexander Winkler: Confirm that I can be a pro trader like it's it's a it's a fact. Now, the question is, you know, just how long do I want to keep doing it? And how hard do I want to push it? But like the the basic question, you know, can is day trading? Does it work? Is a is checked off, which is.

00:06:29.100 --> 00:06:30.649
Alexander Winkler: yeah, I think.

00:06:30.889 --> 00:06:35.139
Alexander Winkler: man, yeah, if we can get you. There it'll be.

00:06:35.659 --> 00:06:52.079
Alexander Winkler: I mean, I think it's already basically there, because you're not really losing money anymore. And you're just you. At this point, you just need something to click, and I don't think you're that far off. But II know we've had this conversation several times, so II know it's like, when you're when you're in it, it's just a slugfest.

00:06:52.850 --> 00:06:55.059
Colby Warshel: Yeah, I've been

00:06:56.429 --> 00:07:11.400
Colby Warshel: I don't know if I told anyone this yet about how I'm Lance Breitstine posted like this thing. And I'm in like a discord with a bunch of new people. And yeah, they're all like super high level traders. And this one dude.

00:07:12.358 --> 00:07:22.729
Colby Warshel: like some of them, had like courses. And like this one guy's been training since like 2,000 and like 3 and shit, I was like what the fuck are you talking about? I was like still sucking my mom's Teddy back there, but

00:07:23.440 --> 00:07:39.460
Colby Warshel: sorry I just throw that in there. This guy. He's been helping me a lot. And he's just really like a lot of these people. It's it's really fascinating where we talk to someone who's really good at trading.

00:07:39.650 --> 00:07:46.489
Colby Warshel: and then they like care to even help. It's like, Damn! That's kinda nice, you know. There's some fucking hope in the world, but

00:07:46.799 --> 00:07:57.278
Colby Warshel: a lot of them are giving me like really good advice, and like really important, they're all they all say. I'm right there, you know, everyone fucking sell tells me that shit, but like, for some reason, I just can never actually get over the little hump. But

00:07:57.549 --> 00:07:59.490
Colby Warshel: hopefully, soon we'll see.

00:08:17.660 --> 00:08:18.859
Colby Warshel: I know

00:08:19.170 --> 00:08:23.219
Tommy Salerno: I got burnt so many times on the spy.

00:08:24.960 --> 00:08:30.109
Colby Warshel: Yeah, every time you jump in my discord, I'm like, shit! Here we go.

00:08:30.799 --> 00:08:34.349
Tommy Salerno: Small caps are terrible.

00:08:37.619 --> 00:08:40.128
Tommy Salerno: What's up, Danny? How's up, guys.

00:08:40.559 --> 00:08:41.319
Colby Warshel: So

00:08:42.730 --> 00:08:44.859
Danny Camozzo: how's everyone doing? Whoops?

00:08:45.180 --> 00:08:49.670
Alexander Winkler: Pretty good for your for for this market? I think we're doing all right

00:08:49.700 --> 00:09:11.470
Danny Camozzo: investment portfolio up for first time, and what feels like months are even more aggressively up. So since I'm kind of tech heavy in my investment portfolio, which is really dumb of me. I'm at least getting a little bit of a relief rally for once.

00:09:11.809 --> 00:09:18.658
Danny Camozzo: I was working on building into a position on Tqs the other week, and unfortunately, my

00:09:18.670 --> 00:09:31.319
Danny Camozzo: 300 share position that I had bought into on that I got stopped out. Oh, God! And now it's at 39 I got stopped out at like 35,

00:09:31.379 --> 00:09:33.239
Danny Camozzo: cause I was. It was

00:09:33.490 --> 00:09:45.408
Danny Camozzo: It was last week, as it was bottoming into like 34 35, and I was trying to get into a bigger position there. I still have some, but only a quarter of what I was trying to get into.

00:09:45.970 --> 00:09:50.868
Danny Camozzo: and then now it's had that nice bounce, so I kind of missed that.

00:09:51.339 --> 00:09:59.709
Danny Camozzo: most likely. But oh, well, it's not a nice feeling buying high in this market, because it feels like every time you buy high you get slammed on

00:09:59.889 --> 00:10:03.180
Alexander Winkler: little bit like smx.

00:10:03.210 --> 00:10:07.388
Danny Camozzo: Huh? Yeah, I can tell you, Smx.

00:10:07.660 --> 00:10:09.210
Alexander Winkler: I

00:10:09.220 --> 00:10:11.389
Danny Camozzo: I went from.

00:10:11.759 --> 00:10:19.220
Danny Camozzo: I was chopping around on it through the morning. And I got caught in that flush

00:10:19.240 --> 00:10:20.879
Danny Camozzo: on the

00:10:21.019 --> 00:10:32.589
Danny Camozzo:  What was it? I'm just arranging my windows and stuff right now, because I just got off that other meeting. So on the

00:10:33.220 --> 00:10:50.029
Danny Camozzo: 1030 candle I got caught on that flush for like a 20 cent loss. I was already down like 9 50 on it. It put me down 1,500, and then, just like Pr, yesterday, and I think there might have been another one

00:10:50.950 --> 00:10:53.730
Danny Camozzo: like I keep seeing stocks

00:10:53.759 --> 00:11:00.319
Danny Camozzo: doing the same kind of action, a really nasty rejection right into a really obvious support level.

00:11:00.349 --> 00:11:08.710
Danny Camozzo: and then just a total reclaim. So I went really heavy into that push back up.

00:11:09.069 --> 00:11:14.359
Danny Camozzo: Yeah. Well, it was the red candle. At 1030

00:11:14.420 --> 00:11:20.210
Danny Camozzo: I took a 20 cent loss there on like 2,700 shares. Put me down 1,500 ish.

00:11:20.220 --> 00:11:24.079
Danny Camozzo: and then I see it bottom out and start

00:11:24.730 --> 00:11:30.528
Danny Camozzo: creeping back up. And I'm like this is what they're doing lately. So I took like 30,

00:11:30.950 --> 00:11:46.009
Danny Camozzo: 300 shares at 3 20 I held them, I added, at 3, 38 or so. So I had 5,500 shares that I sold that 360. So I'm green 160 on it.

00:11:46.490 --> 00:11:47.289
Alexander Winkler: Oh.

00:11:47.940 --> 00:11:58.189
Danny Camozzo: so I hit $100 trade on that which is great. I'm green at least. I wish that I hadn't been so red first, but

00:11:58.619 --> 00:12:01.749
Danny Camozzo: it is what it is. Just try to do better tomorrow.

00:12:02.470 --> 00:12:35.220
Alexander Winkler: That kind of trade recently just happened to me last week, where we had a bit of a flush, I took like a hundred dollar loss or something. And then it was like literally, just like this we had. We crawled up and held here, and then this candle started moving higher, and I was like, this is Bs, and I don't know if it was Fomo revenge or whatever. But I've I had the same thought on my head. I was like, I've seen this several times lately. II had a feeling it wasn't gonna hold, but it was at least gonna try to break a high a day. So I jumped in, bought high here for the break of like 3 40 different ticker, different price. But ultimately it did the same thing.

00:12:35.250 --> 00:12:40.648
Alexander Winkler: and it broke up. And then I made back my exact loss that I just lost here. But

00:12:40.839 --> 00:12:43.220
Alexander Winkler: yeah, it's a sporadic trading.

00:12:43.869 --> 00:13:07.888
Danny Camozzo: Yeah. Recognize the pattern you jump right back in. When that happens, it's like it might be revengeful. Or is this actually making sense? It's a yeah. It's a really fine. It's a fine line. It's a fine balance. But I was like, I think, that we've been seeing this lately. It was the fact that it bottomed out so hard right against the level that it had been

00:13:08.119 --> 00:13:15.568
Danny Camozzo: bouncing off event. We had the bottoming tails at 9, 34 9, 59

00:13:15.990 --> 00:13:37.889
Danny Camozzo: 1021, and when it came into those levels like right around 305, there were no big buyers in there. So to me, that just looks like a big hit in buyer like probably a market maker accumulating there. So it bounced off that level and started setting in a green candle, and then a bigger green candle, and I'm like this, is it?

00:13:38.009 --> 00:13:41.549
Tommy Salerno: So I took the bigger position

00:13:41.650 --> 00:13:58.809
Danny Camozzo: down at 3 20, I think it was 3 23, actually, and it held up. And so I'm like, I'm right so far like this is the type of thing. And it it bounced right back up into the 3 forties at that point. So I'm like.

00:13:59.059 --> 00:14:01.279
Danny Camozzo: this is the type of trade that

00:14:02.359 --> 00:14:04.308
Danny Camozzo: either. I add here.

00:14:04.349 --> 00:14:16.190
Danny Camozzo: and I make a little profit, and I stop out for a couple of cents loss on the add, but overall win, or it's this is the part where it goes flying. So I

00:14:16.710 --> 00:14:21.819
Danny Camozzo: I think it was smart enough. I just need to try to. Yesterday I did a really good job

00:14:22.220 --> 00:14:27.339
Danny Camozzo: of just hanging in there on Przo until

00:14:27.359 --> 00:14:28.959
Danny Camozzo: I think.

00:14:30.180 --> 00:14:34.908
Danny Camozzo: until it made that move to 2 85

00:14:35.269 --> 00:14:39.000
Danny Camozzo: It was a long timeframe wedge

00:14:39.400 --> 00:14:42.730
Danny Camozzo: that was chopping round a ton, and

00:14:45.859 --> 00:14:49.918
Danny Camozzo: and here I can show my charts because I have the lines and stuff.

00:14:50.480 --> 00:14:54.379
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, it might be more that I was looking at on it.

00:14:54.440 --> 00:15:00.420
Danny Camozzo: It was chopping around a ton all morning, but there was this really clear

00:15:00.910 --> 00:15:06.288
Danny Camozzo: resistance line right here, and every time it's sold off hard

00:15:06.470 --> 00:15:07.389
Danny Camozzo: it

00:15:07.750 --> 00:15:12.969
Danny Camozzo: found a really clear support line, and it started setting in higher lows, like

00:15:13.210 --> 00:15:22.849
Danny Camozzo: from here, higher, low, higher, low, higher, low, higher, low, higher, low. Every single one was a higher, low. And so we had this

00:15:23.460 --> 00:15:26.650
Danny Camozzo: kind of false breakout here.

00:15:27.589 --> 00:15:35.269
Danny Camozzo: and then it it did the same thing. It had a false breakout, and then it started creeping back up like right away.

00:15:35.569 --> 00:15:44.710
Danny Camozzo: same exact thing as Smx today. So this is what informed me on the Smx trade today. So I took this one.

00:15:44.839 --> 00:15:51.618
Danny Camozzo: Actually, unfortunately, not as much size as I would have wanted to. I got 3,000 shares at 2 37,

00:15:51.639 --> 00:16:04.869
Danny Camozzo: and I wanted to get an ad for the break of 2 50, but it went from like 2 46. I rewatch the video that I had. It went straight from 2 46 to like 2, 56 to sixties

00:16:04.950 --> 00:16:17.289
Danny Camozzo: to 70 s. To the halt level. So I had 3,000 shares, and I got 40 cents out of it, and I was starting actually on that one at like plus 100 on it. So I did a better job yesterday of

00:16:17.420 --> 00:16:24.868
Danny Camozzo: keeping myself in the game in in to be able to have a chance of like having a solid green trade or a solid green day.

00:16:25.210 --> 00:16:39.028
Danny Camozzo:  and then what I did well yesterday and today is realizing and internalizing that right now. There is literally no such thing as just a pull back

00:16:41.259 --> 00:16:48.629
Danny Camozzo: like you. You hit the halt level. It was pinned. It couldn't halt, and then Sellers grab a hold of it.

00:16:48.740 --> 00:16:57.609
Danny Camozzo: because all that this is is maybe you're squeezing some retail traders, but the bigger market makers and bigger players. They're not squeezed yet.

00:16:57.819 --> 00:17:09.940
Danny Camozzo: Maybe if they get, if you halt up and then gap up higher over 3 and then keep going. Maybe they get squeezed, but until then they're still in control, and that's super clear from the rest of the action.

00:17:10.019 --> 00:17:13.598
Danny Camozzo: And then exact same thing on Smx. I

00:17:13.690 --> 00:17:18.589
Danny Camozzo: hit this huge win and didn't take another trade on it.

00:17:19.750 --> 00:17:32.450
Danny Camozzo: So I have been doing that well this week. And then, right after Smx, the exact same thing happened on Spc Spcb, which is hitting all time highs. Right? Now.

00:17:32.619 --> 00:17:41.200
Danny Camozzo: yeah, I actually just looked at that. And that's potentially interesting. But  let's see. So SPC.

00:17:41.639 --> 00:17:49.599
Danny Camozzo: Just did this kind of kind of kill candle, and then immediate reclaim of it. And so when I saw this.

00:17:49.960 --> 00:17:53.019
Danny Camozzo: and this was at 7 43

00:17:53.859 --> 00:17:55.240
Danny Camozzo: it was.

00:17:57.690 --> 00:18:02.479
Danny Camozzo: It was literally 10 min after Spcv. Did the exact same thing.

00:18:02.619 --> 00:18:07.719
Danny Camozzo:  I took shares, not as much of a position as I

00:18:08.319 --> 00:18:14.039
Danny Camozzo: probably wanted to, but I had like 4,000 shares at 81.

00:18:14.129 --> 00:18:20.068
Danny Camozzo: And I, my goal really was just like, maybe we see if we can top out here. But

00:18:20.160 --> 00:18:24.920
Danny Camozzo: with this reclaim II bet we're going to go higher, and I joked. I was like, I bet we'll get one.

00:18:25.109 --> 00:18:29.548
Danny Camozzo: And then it squeezed, and I got a nice little trade there, too.

00:18:31.220 --> 00:18:36.538
Danny Camozzo: I didn't get any Spcb in today. I kinda wanted it, but II called it

00:18:36.849 --> 00:18:39.459
before it really did its move. I just

00:18:39.889 --> 00:18:41.799
Alexander Winkler: wanted to lock in some profits.

00:18:42.210 --> 00:18:43.079
Danny Camozzo: Yeah.

00:18:43.950 --> 00:18:49.940
Danny Camozzo: I'm kind of curious on it. Now. I'm gonna mark out some levels and

00:18:50.849 --> 00:18:57.209
Alexander Winkler: not at all the 5 min the 2 min it's all even the 1 min looks kind of good it just

00:18:57.389 --> 00:19:02.569
Danny Camozzo: as those really vicious pull backs to me. The 5 min is extended

00:19:02.690 --> 00:19:08.150
Danny Camozzo: especially as it's forming this big top entail here.

00:19:08.259 --> 00:19:11.179
Danny Camozzo: but if it can hold over one.

00:19:11.389 --> 00:19:17.788
Tommy Salerno: and then, especially if it could consolidate in like this area like 101 to 106 ish!

00:19:17.920 --> 00:19:20.668
Danny Camozzo: Then that could be interesting.

00:19:22.160 --> 00:19:30.979
Danny Camozzo: I think we're about to see what the bigger players want it to be doing. Cause we're right towards the end of this 5 min candle.

00:19:31.629 --> 00:19:35.348
Alexander Winkler: Yeah. One, for now

00:19:36.190 --> 00:19:38.210
Danny Camozzo: that's generally a

00:19:40.049 --> 00:19:41.709
Danny Camozzo: the time when

00:19:42.289 --> 00:19:48.599
Danny Camozzo: the bigger players put it. Where they want it to be is like, towards the end of the 5 min periods.

00:19:50.680 --> 00:19:52.490
Colby Warshel: These tickers have nice volume.

00:19:53.779 --> 00:20:02.388
Danny Camozzo: They do, but it's a lot of volume to both sides. It's a lot of selling, too. So

00:20:03.500 --> 00:20:04.829
Danny Camozzo: it makes it.

00:20:04.950 --> 00:20:08.979
Danny Camozzo: It makes it really choppy and not super easy to trade.

00:20:09.099 --> 00:20:18.950
Alexander Winkler: Yeah. And a lot of these pull backs like you said earlier. They don't exist. They're just like these massive elephant elephant. Trust that just freaking go straight down.

00:20:19.000 --> 00:20:25.979
Danny Camozzo: so it's really hard pull backs I found done. I'm done buying pull backs right now.

00:20:27.349 --> 00:20:37.629
Danny Camozzo: I had a really rough week last week. Bad start to October down like 14,000 last week on top of the 19,000 red September.

00:20:37.700 --> 00:20:39.700
Danny Camozzo: So

00:20:41.410 --> 00:20:52.819
Danny Camozzo: I'm kind of reevaluating my goals for the year. Which is like, if I could average 500 to 1,000 a day through the rest of the year.

00:20:53.849 --> 00:21:04.299
Danny Camozzo: That would put me back over my all-time highs in the account, my profit for the year. That'd be a really solid place, and

00:21:04.930 --> 00:21:12.389
Danny Camozzo: all I know that all I really have to do to do that is, just try to avoid getting killed

00:21:12.869 --> 00:21:18.549
Danny Camozzo: on some of those worst trades or some of that price action that sucks you in and just keeps you trading.

00:21:18.859 --> 00:21:32.348
Alexander Winkler: That's really what it is. It's like very a lot of temptations out in this market right now, that are just very bad risk award like. Usually I'm very consistent trader. I have, like, you know, 7 to $1,200 green days, or something like that

00:21:32.369 --> 00:21:52.848
Alexander Winkler: kind of consistent. And then my red days are kind of smaller, and then, like my curve, is pretty consistent. But man like in this market for the first time, I'm having, like, you know, $200 green day, $700 green day. And then all of a sudden, 2,000 red day, which, like that's just reverse consistency compared to usual. And

00:21:52.849 --> 00:22:07.249
Alexander Winkler: I've just I've been finding it very difficult. Some of these trades cause, I mean, we're talking about these these candles that are just out of nowhere, 15% down. And you know you have a 10 K position size whack, and then you get maybe a little bit on tilt, and then you do one more bad trade.

00:22:07.869 --> 00:22:09.989
Alexander Winkler: It eats you alive.

00:22:11.519 --> 00:22:33.950
Alexander Winkler:  it hard it! It makes it hard to even stick to your Max loss, cause you just shoot right by it, just like Boom! There it goes. That was my Max loss. And then you're like, Okay, well, I'm gonna call it here at 1,500, or you'll be like, well, let me take like, at least let me get back to my Max loss. But of course that's defeats the whole purpose of the Max loss.

00:22:34.539 --> 00:22:38.839
Alexander Winkler: That's that's been my experience. How about you, Tom?

00:22:39.779 --> 00:22:58.879
Tommy Salerno: For me? I haven't. I haven't really sweat in a long time, and I I'm I'm craving that feeling of of sweating in a trade. I'm just, you know. I need like a nice solid setup where I can just size up into it, you know. Really push push myself. But man, like my conviction is at an all time low right now, and I just can't

00:22:59.059 --> 00:23:06.689
Tommy Salerno: really find anything that's worth me putting on that level of risk where you know I'm sweating in a trade

00:23:06.789 --> 00:23:16.069
Tommy Salerno: even though it's where II feel like I need to be at right now with my sort of journey of where I'm at now. It's where I need to be pushing

00:23:16.289 --> 00:23:23.989
Tommy Salerno: like my horizon as far as share size. But I can't get to that level right now. I just don't have that conviction to be able to

00:23:24.039 --> 00:23:29.189
Tommy Salerno: put on that size when I need to. Right now, it's just yeah very low quality setups

00:23:29.319 --> 00:23:42.519
Tommy Salerno: so I just kinda been just going sideways, you know, waking up trading for 30 min an hour. Get some small green walk away to the same thing over and over again. But you know I'm not really, you know, pushing my comfort zone right now.

00:23:42.609 --> 00:23:57.288
Tommy Salerno: which you know I can protect my account during this type of period, but I know that that is the horizon that I need to be pushing at some point, and you know I'm just tied between either waiting for a better market, or, if you know just

00:23:57.680 --> 00:24:03.108
I don't know. Just do it right now, when the conviction is low, and and see what happens.

00:24:03.509 --> 00:24:06.200
Tommy Salerno: so that's what I'm sort of grappling with right now.

00:24:07.150 --> 00:24:15.389
Danny Camozzo: my thoughts on that is, that's totally fine. And you're doing a lot better than me, cause I'm in like a 32,000

00:24:15.460 --> 00:24:17.199
Danny Camozzo: dollar hole right now.

00:24:17.449 --> 00:24:20.190
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, which I could have avoided

00:24:20.409 --> 00:24:23.250
Danny Camozzo: if I had backed off earlier. But also I was.

00:24:23.340 --> 00:24:30.380
Danny Camozzo: I've been doing the the thing that paid me really nicely for 9 months. It takes more than just a couple of weeks to

00:24:30.809 --> 00:24:41.409
Danny Camozzo: adjust what you're doing from that. So I don't. I don't fault myself too much for that but like, for example

00:24:41.489 --> 00:24:43.780
Danny Camozzo: and I was saying in chat yesterday.

00:24:44.230 --> 00:24:56.070
Danny Camozzo: like the 2 main things that I've realized lately, number one is. There's no such thing as just to pull back in this market. Number 2 is we have been seeing kind of an imbalanced outsize move

00:24:56.230 --> 00:25:03.269
Danny Camozzo: pretty much at least once a day lately. And if you can oversize on those moves.

00:25:03.340 --> 00:25:04.750
Tommy Salerno: then, yeah.

00:25:05.409 --> 00:25:10.759
Danny Camozzo: that's what I'm trying to do, at least. And unfortunately, today I was not positioned well

00:25:10.809 --> 00:25:16.478
Danny Camozzo: to like. Put myself onto a really nice green day with that trade, but at least

00:25:16.489 --> 00:25:24.610
Danny Camozzo: with Spcb. And Smx. I'm still up 400. So not bad. But just waiting for that

00:25:24.730 --> 00:25:32.280
Danny Camozzo: imbalanced move. That that's really obvious could be something to consider.

00:25:32.389 --> 00:25:38.219
Danny Camozzo:  you know that sizing on.

00:25:38.690 --> 00:25:58.329
Alexander Winkler: But other than yeah, I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with just being conservative. Right? Now, yeah, I totally agree with that, Danny. Yeah, I'll give you an example of how I got green today, pretty much right on the back. And like, there's not a lot of good moves today. So yeah, bet sizing on the good ones is really the secret. So

00:25:58.409 --> 00:26:14.039
Alexander Winkler: Smx popped up, and I was looking at it, and at first I wasn't sure about it, because it was only up like I don't know 40 50 when I started looking at it. So I quickly went back, and I was like, how did it perform last time I was like, Okay, we had one pull back, and then it kept ripping one more time, really hard. So I was like.

00:26:14.250 --> 00:26:23.219
Alexander Winkler: Alright, let's go, at least for the first pullback. When you're still kind of scared, you're thinking, is it gonna work? And then, you know, you don't have that Fomo yet?

00:26:23.500 --> 00:26:42.690
Alexander Winkler: And usually by the time you have Fomo, that's when you get flushed into. So at this point, I'm more scared than Fomo. So I was like, Okay, this is probably gonna work. That last one had a nice pull back. So I actually sighed pretty decently into this one. You'll see 3,000 shares. And this was like a 1516% candle, like what the heck. So I was. I was instantly

00:26:42.690 --> 00:26:56.548
Alexander Winkler: 500 or $600. It was like 5, 50 something, and on this one trade. Then I made a little bit more here, and then it started doing this, and I didn't buy this pull back, because last time the second pull back just had that elephant trunk, you know, flush.

00:26:56.550 --> 00:27:20.150
Alexander Winkler: And I was just like so I technically missed this huge. This was even bigger. This was like a 20, something, 30% candle, or maybe not fully 30, if it starts somewhere here but 25, and then, like a full move of 30. So you know, I could have made way more money on this one, but it just wasn't worth the risk tolerance, because, like like Danny was saying, like these moves just don't last. So

00:27:20.150 --> 00:27:43.929
Alexander Winkler: I for me the risk reward on this one just wasn't there, even though it ended up working. So that that's that's that. And then and then the market open. But yeah, that's why I size so hard on this one because I was like, I don't wanna take this with a 500 share starter size and see how it goes. Because this might be really the only move today, like I didn't know what's gonna happen the rest of the day. But we've been seeing like a lot of you know. You get one or 2 good moves, and the rest just like really crappy

00:27:44.099 --> 00:28:13.228
Alexander Winkler: and then this one I should better on. But I tripped over myself. I was looking for a morning panic, and I actually got it, but I only got it with like 500 shares, and it popped up 5, and I sold, and you know I made a little bit more, and then I went for this secondary morning panic. But I didn't do this one really well, cause it popped up here, and I didn't sell, cause I was looking for the full on break, and then pulled back, and then I closed some, then pulled up, and I bought some. So this got really messy here and then I think I did one of these a little bit better. But ultimately I made.

00:28:13.409 --> 00:28:35.409
Alexander Winkler: you know here I made like maybe 300 more dollars very stressfully. But it was like it was really that first move, that bed sizing right here where I was like, you know this is that kind of perfect setup, and I don't have that Fomo yet, which probably means it's not gonna flush on me because I'm kind of scared right now. So let me size into this one. So I just this is an example of exactly what Danny was just saying.

00:28:35.409 --> 00:28:48.478
Alexander Winkler: Kind of be patient, wait for that good opportunity. And then, after after I was up, I was kinda like, well, I could probably give back profits now for the next 45 min. So I'm just gonna close my to us because this is not the market for me to stress. And

00:28:49.829 --> 00:29:15.639
Danny Camozzo: that's that's what I wish I did last time, and I like Wednesday or Thursday. I don't know. I was up $700, and before you know it I was down I was just like so annoyed at myself and not about the money. But just because it's like, why am I over trading in this market? Because it's so easy to give back profits and get on tilt with this price action. Ipo

00:29:16.250 --> 00:29:31.000
Danny Camozzo: both days, I think. Thursday and Friday last week, both days, that it had a nice move to the upside. I had just gone to the gym in attempts to avoid the chop in the market, and so I

00:29:31.030 --> 00:29:44.818
Danny Camozzo: I took a trade on it from the gym. On my phone on Thursday I got stuck in a halt down. It actually opened like nearly flat, and I got out pretty much break even on it.

00:29:45.590 --> 00:29:50.038
Danny Camozzo: And then Friday, it did the same thing. It was

00:29:50.139 --> 00:30:11.409
Danny Camozzo: popping right back up to 11 s. And so I bought the pull back somewhere around 10 or something like that, and I got stuck in that halt down with 1,700 shares from like 9 70, and I took like a $3,600 loss on that, and I just didn't need to. But

00:30:11.920 --> 00:30:15.920
Danny Camozzo: it is what it is you heard lessons, and

00:30:15.980 --> 00:30:19.230
Danny Camozzo: a year from now I will have so much

00:30:19.289 --> 00:30:23.909
Danny Camozzo: more profit that that won't matter. But Lesson learned

00:30:24.329 --> 00:30:33.949
Danny Camozzo: that that was really the the moment where I was like this market just there. There's no such thing as a pull back just to pull back.

00:30:34.250 --> 00:30:35.239
Alexander Winkler: Oh, yeah.

00:30:36.440 --> 00:30:40.128
Danny Camozzo: if Sellers realize that.

00:30:40.670 --> 00:30:49.409
Danny Camozzo: that the stock isn't continuing to squeeze yet, because the buyers don't have have conviction, or whatever or market players are in it, that

00:30:49.750 --> 00:31:00.239
Danny Camozzo: that don't want it to keep going, and buyers don't have the conviction to keep pushing. The sellers are just winning right now, and that's fine. You just let them win eventually. They won't.

00:31:02.050 --> 00:31:06.099
Danny Camozzo: Eventually they won't. Eventually eventually they'll get squeezed.

00:31:06.420 --> 00:31:08.469
Danny Camozzo: Not now. But one day.

00:31:08.889 --> 00:31:18.288
Tommy Salerno: It definitely seems to be digging a lot of experience. It definitely seems like a lot of experience just to recognize that one or 2

00:31:18.400 --> 00:31:26.369
Tommy Salerno: candles of the whole day that are gonna be able to make your day. That takes a lot of experience. We want to recognize that. And

00:31:26.480 --> 00:31:32.750
Tommy Salerno: I think, in a way, for any beginner traders that are starting. I think this is actually probably the best market to learn in

00:31:32.889 --> 00:31:38.869
Tommy Salerno: because you're learning. You're pretty much learning the fundamentals. And you're not just learning that. Oh, just because

00:31:39.070 --> 00:31:47.309
Tommy Salerno: the Rsi is oversold, it has to. Now reverse, or it's a bull flag. So has to go up like we all learned in 2020.

00:31:47.469 --> 00:31:57.949
Tommy Salerno:  definitely learning more. Yeah, you're learning risk management and more. So, you know, actually reading the depth of market rather than just chart patterns.

00:31:58.079 --> 00:31:59.070
Tommy Salerno: Yes.

00:31:59.670 --> 00:32:28.878
Alexander Winkler: yeah. I wanted to share this as well. To add to that risk management what Tom was just talking about, and also what Daniel was talking about, that you know not just are there no pullbacks? But there's sometimes no bounces either. So like here, yeah, once it sells off like like you said, like, once the buyers are gone like this, like, I was waiting for a little bit of like a a bounce back to the 9 email on the 1 min or something, but it didn't happen. Luckily I cut my locker

00:32:28.880 --> 00:32:57.309
Alexander Winkler: losses at 1 point somewhere here, or I think II caught here, and then I bought a little bit more here, and I cut again, and then I had like 3 or 4 backside losses in a row, and then I was like, Alex. You're an idiot. Why are you trading backside, you freaking more like I never trade backside. No wonder I'm down $2.3,000 like, but I was just a little bit stubborn because I was like this. Sell off is so extreme. Typically they do bounce a little bit. But you know, once this ticker was dead, it was just it like dead. I mean.

00:32:57.340 --> 00:33:02.809
Alexander Winkler: this 5 min. This this ticker hasn't even had a relief bounce yet. Disgusting.

00:33:03.530 --> 00:33:11.590
Alexander Winkler: Yeah. So that's that's where I get back. II made like 700 here, and then I literally just when gave back 3,000, or you know.

00:33:12.070 --> 00:33:18.650
Danny Camozzo: I think I did the same thing on that. And be Nox last week, too. There was a day.

00:33:19.030 --> 00:33:20.829
Danny Camozzo: maybe the day before that.

00:33:21.199 --> 00:33:25.228
Danny Camozzo:  it might have been that

00:33:25.369 --> 00:33:27.849
Danny Camozzo: day that it had a spike. What day was that?

00:33:28.050 --> 00:33:31.978
Alexander Winkler: Here's a strong sell. Oh, wow! Look at that nasty one. Yeah.

00:33:32.300 --> 00:33:39.009
Danny Camozzo: yeah, not that day. There was a day that be on. Ox had a nice move up.

00:33:40.110 --> 00:33:44.318
Danny Camozzo: and I made 2,000 on the move up. And then I tried to trade the

00:33:44.880 --> 00:33:47.280
Danny Camozzo: consolidation

00:33:47.690 --> 00:33:51.300
Danny Camozzo: and before you realize it's on the back side.

00:33:51.599 --> 00:34:02.168
Danny Camozzo: That's that's all. Your profits gone. I from up 2,000 down, 600 on it by the end of the day. just over trading it. So that vs me.

00:34:02.289 --> 00:34:17.239
Danny Camozzo: All that stuff just really reinforces. There's no such thing as like just a pull back right now. A fast dip, maybe. That's a good observation for the current market. I'm not touching Ipo's lately.

00:34:17.300 --> 00:34:18.570
Danny Camozzo: because

00:34:18.730 --> 00:34:22.369
Danny Camozzo: look at them they've been

00:34:22.789 --> 00:34:29.050
Alexander Winkler: just awful. What was the big Ipo last week or the week before. What was that one open?

00:34:29.920 --> 00:34:36.139
Danny Camozzo:  There was one I don't know. Instacart, I have Instacart. How's how's that one doing?

00:34:36.539 --> 00:34:47.780
Alexander Winkler: I have no idea. I lost a lot of money on it, and I stopped looking at it. What's the ticker for that one cart? And it goes down 5,000 or so on cart

00:34:48.179 --> 00:34:49.588
Danny Camozzo: freaking garbage.

00:34:53.349 --> 00:35:04.300
Alexander Winkler: Anyone remember the ticker inst. Card? Oh, some reason I must have Type D, or something. Cart. Oh, okay, yeah. Oh, I'm not sharing.

00:35:04.710 --> 00:35:13.329
Alexander Winkler:  yeah, okay? Well, it's had a little bit of a bounce today. No surprise. But you know, yeah, exactly. You know, once it once it dies, it dies

00:35:13.440 --> 00:35:24.398
Alexander Winkler: today. Obviously, everything's up. how low does that have to go? It kind of feels like a 7.5 billion valuation might be might be too high in this market.

00:35:24.809 --> 00:35:47.798
Danny Camozzo: I mean nothing. Yeah, there's there's no point in touching ipos until they've bottomed out. Yeah, like, consistently where you know it like does this for a long time. And you can just tell. And then, even still, though, unless it's like blowing away those levels, look at how many levels shorts have to add off of. And that's just retail shorts like, that's true, until it starts breaking

00:35:48.369 --> 00:35:56.038
Danny Camozzo: 43 45. There's no reason why market makers would get out of that. Yeah.

00:35:56.480 --> 00:36:12.088
Alexander Winkler: Yeah. And that just cross the board space. I mean, there's a long time. Space was holding this floor like a really long time. Anything like 3 to $5 was like a great buy, and then, you know, then it broke it, and then it just went way down, Playboy. I traded a few times

00:36:12.110 --> 00:36:31.588
Alexander Winkler: I don't know why this thing caught on my radar, but I traded it so many times in this area, and I was just range trading. This one. It was. I made a few 1,000, but then I ended up giving back most of it here. Actually, I gave back more than I made because II thought it was gonna like find bottom here. And then all of a sudden it broke a dollar and just kept selling off. I still have a small size in it.

00:36:31.599 --> 00:36:32.780
Alexander Winkler: But

00:36:33.429 --> 00:36:46.298
Alexander Winkler: yeah, yeah, these these takers are pretty much all going in one direction. I think. Play voice pretty much the worst of them. Because this company might actually go bankrupt. So II wouldn't recommend it for anyone else. I wouldn't even recommend it for myself. But just

00:36:46.360 --> 00:36:49.329
Alexander Winkler: you know, tech right now is, whew! It's a lot.

00:36:54.110 --> 00:37:03.068
Alexander Winkler: Colby. Actually, before before Danny came in, we were kinda actually, before Danny and Tom came in. We were kind of talking a little bit about your group.

00:37:03.179 --> 00:37:18.239
Alexander Winkler: and you know that the people are really kind of sharing a lot of information and helping you out. And it's it's been a good experience. What are some? Maybe some of the lessons you've learned from these new traders that are, you know, been trading for 1015, 20 years. Even you said

00:37:18.429 --> 00:37:24.248
Colby Warshel: honestly. The first lesson is, if you're in a discord, and you're the best trader in there. Get the fuck out of that discord.

00:37:25.550 --> 00:37:28.278
Colby Warshel: You should never want to be the best trader

00:37:28.699 --> 00:37:35.639
Colby Warshel: in your discord. You should always try to find people that are way better than you, because it's just so hard

00:37:36.579 --> 00:37:49.949
Colby Warshel: to be talking to unprofitable traders while you're an unprofitable trader and trying to bounce ideas off each other. It's just first of all, you're not gonna trust anything they say, because they don't make money either. You don't trust yourself because you don't make any money, you know.

00:37:50.099 --> 00:37:55.130
Colby Warshel: But these guys they are like Proven, you know, the one dude he's been

00:37:55.630 --> 00:38:07.099
Colby Warshel: trading for like 20 years, and he's been stuck at like low 6 figures for like 7 years. But to to even do that is just impressive in the first place, and you know.

00:38:07.289 --> 00:38:12.309
Colby Warshel: and he's trading like Super, not even large size. It's very odd. But

00:38:12.550 --> 00:38:17.478
Colby Warshel: yeah, it's just really interesting and cool to have a bunch of people that actually are all

00:38:17.739 --> 00:38:39.438
Colby Warshel: trying to, you know, like Do Drc's. And they're all reviewing. And they're we're all contributing to each other. And we're all like being nice about it, like it's so common to go into a discord. And then someone's like super arrogant like traders are like kind of fucking awful like, do you guys ever realize that like traders are kind of shitty people? Because we some of them.

00:38:39.440 --> 00:38:54.668
Colby Warshel: yeah, we have to go through like so much shit for the first 2 and a half to 3 years of trading, that once you actually do find a profitable system, you fucking hold that thing like it's your actual baby. And you're like, if you see anyone doing anything else you're like, no, do this. Do this, do this, do this, and you kinda have to realize that, like

00:38:55.059 --> 00:39:06.278
Colby Warshel: your system is just your system. Everyone else has their own system. You don't have to be like, oh, this is the way it works. This is the only way, and there's a lot of traders get in that kind of mindset where they think that their trade

00:39:06.429 --> 00:39:27.050
Colby Warshel: system is the only one that works, and it's just like how the fuck did you get there? I mean, I understand that 2 to 3 years, or 4 or 5 years of losing money and finally finding something. You're gonna cherish that shit with everything you have. But it's just kind of weird, hey? I don't know if this is gonna help you. This is what I did, though.

00:39:27.159 --> 00:39:48.849
Danny Camozzo: instead of being, that's always my approach, cause number one being part of the team at Warrior. The meeting that was that I was on the reason I was a few minutes late. We have a we had an annual compliance meeting, and they make it very clear that I am not supposed to be giving financial advice. I am an educator, and my job is to say.

00:39:48.980 --> 00:39:52.960
Danny Camozzo:  this is my experience. This is

00:39:53.130 --> 00:39:54.960
Danny Camozzo: what I have learned.

00:39:54.989 --> 00:40:01.320
Danny Camozzo: If I say I recommend you, do this, or I like this stock, because

00:40:02.170 --> 00:40:11.920
Danny Camozzo: if you put a thousand shares into it. Here you will make 300 bucks, or whatever that is very bad.

00:40:12.119 --> 00:40:13.139
Danny Camozzo: So

00:40:13.369 --> 00:40:21.130
Danny Camozzo: like, that's that's just legal issues for one. But then, also, just as a teacher, everybody's gonna find

00:40:21.230 --> 00:40:26.900
Danny Camozzo: their success in the market and or not, most likely not. But

00:40:27.590 --> 00:40:39.619
Danny Camozzo: you're never gonna connect with someone or help them really, unless you're helping them find their own way, because everybody is different.

00:40:40.409 --> 00:40:47.769
Danny Camozzo:  like, like just the 4 of us here. None of us trade exactly the same, even just among the 4 of us.

00:40:47.940 --> 00:40:52.759
Danny Camozzo: So it doesn't do anybody a service to be like this is what you should be doing.

00:40:52.849 --> 00:40:54.530
Danny Camozzo: Because this is what I do.

00:40:55.860 --> 00:40:59.768
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, it. It's hard. Yeah. It's it's tricky, especially just.

00:41:00.210 --> 00:41:02.309
Colby Warshel: you know, like, it's just funny that

00:41:02.650 --> 00:41:30.329
Colby Warshel: as a trader, the only reason we're doing this is, we don't want to fucking. Listen to anyone, anyway, it's kind of hard to like. Go on a discord. And some random guys like, here's my P. And L. And this is what I think about trading. You're me just like who the fuck is. That guy, you know. But you know who the fuck am? I is really the question. So yeah, I always pay attention to what other successful people are doing. That doesn't mean I'm gonna start doing their strategy like, I follow some guys on Instagram who

00:41:30.340 --> 00:41:36.559
Danny Camozzo: play spy options at the open every day and they kill it like

00:41:36.590 --> 00:41:45.018
Danny Camozzo: like those guys are crazy. I don't know that I've ever seen less than $1,000. It's like a thousand for, like 5 or 6 or $7,000 every day.

00:41:45.059 --> 00:41:48.869
Danny Camozzo: They have a strategy that works for them that

00:41:48.889 --> 00:42:05.579
Danny Camozzo: like I don't look at spy at the open. It would probably take me a while before I got to a strategy work out to an understanding of how the spy moves, especially at the open and at certain levels, before I started making any profit on that. I'm already a profitable trader.

00:42:06.099 --> 00:42:19.068
Danny Camozzo: Why would I spend the time to do that? Not a totally different thing for one? And then, you know, I don't know that I ever would find consistent success. Doing that with a different strategy is the other thing.

00:42:20.030 --> 00:42:20.789

00:42:21.400 --> 00:42:26.500
Danny Camozzo: I think it's always good to like, take inspiration from people like that, or where you want to be.

00:42:26.809 --> 00:42:32.179
Danny Camozzo: But you have to lean into what works for you. For sure.

00:42:33.909 --> 00:42:44.168
Colby Warshel: Yeah, it helps a lot to study other people's strategies, but never helps to try to copy anyone ever. If you ever do that, you're immediately fucked. You'll never make any money.

00:42:44.199 --> 00:42:45.579
Colby Warshel: even.

00:42:47.699 --> 00:42:56.398
Colby Warshel: yeah, I forget the one guy who said that quote. Maybe it was Mark Douglas where he was like, you can teach someone. I could put my strategy and roles into a

00:42:56.539 --> 00:43:05.429
Colby Warshel: newspaper, and still nobody would make money from it, because it doesn't matter how much you tell people what you're doing, they'll never be able to do it unless they are you so

00:43:05.469 --> 00:43:10.329
Colby Warshel: pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. And Alex told me that a while ago as well, yeah.

00:43:10.679 --> 00:43:21.150
Alexander Winkler: yeah, yeah, when we were in New York City, I think it was. But yeah, I mean, like I there was a time, I thought, you know, is it weird if I'm sharing all my strategies on Youtube. And then I was like, no, because

00:43:21.489 --> 00:43:31.728
Alexander Winkler: it's never, no one's gonna ever click that same like button. At the same time as silly as that sounds. Everyone's gonna have different indicators and different things and

00:43:31.940 --> 00:43:55.918
Alexander Winkler: strengths and weaknesses and different personalities that tell you when like this. This feels right for me personally, and this is actually a hard conversation with a lot of non traders. They'll be like, you know, isn't, you know. Can't like a robot, do it? Yeah, sure it can or like, can't anyone just copy your strategy and get saturated? It's like, yeah, it that can happen. But it's like this. Can is so big because it's like

00:43:55.920 --> 00:44:04.409
Alexander Winkler: everyone. There's so many variables. And it's just nearly impossible. I mean, even if 2 bots are trading the same exact strategy. They're probably gonna get different fills.

00:44:04.409 --> 00:44:29.329
Alexander Winkler: And like it's it, there's so many variables. So like, yeah, good luck copying somebody. It might work once or twice. I think we've all been there where you know you're watching someone like Ross Cameron. You're like, oh, let me try to copy trade on the live stream, and then you're like, wait, he's up fifteenk. I'm down, you know, 150, and there are so many disclaimers all over on his channel, and even in the chat

00:44:29.329 --> 00:44:35.530
every day like, don't copy trade. Me. Most traders lose money. Trading is difficult, trading is risky.

00:44:36.159 --> 00:44:45.059
Danny Camozzo: and then, even just like talking with Lawrence like an algo trader. Even I'll go into drawdowns.

00:44:45.929 --> 00:44:58.050
Alexander Winkler: That was my big problem with Algo's cause. That's actually how I got into some trading again after, like my long Sabbatical like years ago from New York City, I was like helping some people build Algos.

00:44:58.239 --> 00:45:02.440
Alexander Winkler: and then I got really into building my own stuff, and I was just like, wait a second. I'm spending

00:45:02.509 --> 00:45:16.088
Alexander Winkler: hours every day building an algo, and like I'm not sure if there's like a good risk reward here, or like, return Roy here, I should say, because what I've noticed with all these people in these firms that we're building it.

00:45:16.170 --> 00:45:30.829
Alexander Winkler: is, even if they get something to work within like a short period of time, it doesn't work, and they're spending so much energy on maintaining the code. So I found it much better just to just come in and trade for like 60 min, and then like head out.

00:45:31.099 --> 00:45:34.480
Alexander Winkler: But yeah, I mean, everyone's gonna have to make that decision themselves.

00:45:34.750 --> 00:46:03.449
Danny Camozzo: I think the main difference only is, where do you want to be spending your energy because you can spend your energy learning the strategy, or you can spend your energy tweaking your code. The pros with having an algo trade for you is that you don't have to manually manage your trades and emotions in your trades and that kind of stuff. But it's not like you're not spending probably the same or more amount of time

00:46:03.630 --> 00:46:07.110
Danny Camozzo: to to manage your trading. It's just

00:46:07.199 --> 00:46:30.369
Alexander Winkler: yeah emotions in it, or maybe not even I don't know. It depends. You're absolutely right. And I mean thinking about Lawrence like. And we're we're talking all the time. And he's he spends a lot of time coding is outgo. So yeah, it's definitely not a time winner, if anything like, he said. I think it's a time loss. But yeah, the big upside even Lawrence mentioned. Is he like your emotions are more out of the equation

00:46:30.509 --> 00:46:40.250
Alexander Winkler: like you're probably not gonna have one of those up 700 down double Max loss, because you shouldn't even be going past Max. Loss because you're it should be stopping

00:46:40.500 --> 00:47:03.778
Alexander Winkler: although there are always flukes. And that's what I've noticed like there's like with these bots before you know it. It just starts, you know, it breaks and starts doing crazy, crazy stuff stuff. So II there's there's no perfect world in the in the trading. And you know, it is kind of fun. And that's, I think, why we why, we do it. And I'm actually, you know. Originally I was a coder. I learned how to code. So like, if anything, I should have went the alga route. But

00:47:04.380 --> 00:47:10.338
Alexander Winkler: yeah, I'll go scare me cause I feel like it takes you like I feel like it might take

00:47:11.489 --> 00:47:37.498
Colby Warshel: like, if you if you like. If I just make a simple, I'll go like, what if I'm profitable for like 6 months, and then just like disappears forever? This is never worth like that kind of shit scares me like at least discretionary like, if I get a max loss I suck at trading like I know I suck. I did something wrong like, whereas my algo every day. I'm just kinda like waiting to see what the monthly return is at the end of the month. They don't give a shit about day to day stuff. So you're kind of just like at the mercy of

00:47:37.509 --> 00:47:44.858
Colby Warshel: is this gonna work? Maybe it'll work for 2 months, and then maybe you realize that was like a complete waste of time. Or maybe it works for a year, and it was a complete waste of time.

00:47:45.019 --> 00:47:56.369
Danny Camozzo: That's it scares me, for the market is always changing. So you're always gonna be updating your code. And it's like, Do you do that weekly monthly based on the results?

00:47:56.820 --> 00:47:57.949
Danny Camozzo: Or

00:47:58.099 --> 00:48:01.538
Danny Camozzo: do you just trade the markets manually and adjust

00:48:01.599 --> 00:48:05.989
Danny Camozzo: daily or weekly or monthly, or you know.

00:48:06.000 --> 00:48:07.949
Danny Camozzo: to me there's not much difference.

00:48:08.610 --> 00:48:12.188
Colby Warshel: Yeah. I feel like as a as an outgoer. You're more of like running a

00:48:12.250 --> 00:48:15.889
Colby Warshel: actual business where you're trying to like, find

00:48:16.019 --> 00:48:25.429
Colby Warshel: high margin return on like a stupid like your product, basically your product, your outgo. You're trying to find high margin return whatever on that, whereas us, we're kind of more of like

00:48:25.550 --> 00:48:32.909
Colby Warshel: if we don't treat this as like a professional like I was telling Dave as well. We just say an Instagram comments, but I was saying that

00:48:32.980 --> 00:48:37.320
Colby Warshel: If we don't treat ourselves like professional athletes like we can ruin

00:48:37.469 --> 00:48:54.389
Colby Warshel: so much progress just because, like we had a shitty like we drank last night, or we like something happened. And we're not exercising or like, we're eating bad or just stupid things like that. They can impair our decision making skills. Like, if obviously, we know that.

00:48:54.480 --> 00:49:12.329
Colby Warshel: you know, you guys are set showing me these tickers you're trading, and there's literally like 2 pops all day, and it's like a fucking huge. Just you have to get in and like, know? That's gonna work to be able to make that decision on the like. It's like this, like you're waiting for 2 h. And just

00:49:12.429 --> 00:49:17.889
Colby Warshel: something comes by us is like bam. You have to fucking. Go immediately. That is extremely hard.

00:49:17.900 --> 00:49:22.318
Colby Warshel: like. I don't think anyone realizes how fucking hard that actually is like that is a

00:49:22.670 --> 00:49:28.230
Colby Warshel: serious skill to be able to do that. And if you are even just 1% off.

00:49:28.389 --> 00:49:30.840
Colby Warshel: mentally or physically or anything.

00:49:30.849 --> 00:49:38.679
Colby Warshel: Oh, my God, you're not gonna fucking. Be able to see that shit at all. And then you like you. Let's say you buy it a little too late.

00:49:38.679 --> 00:50:04.528
Colby Warshel: and you bought it like 50% above where you are like. Let's say you're trying to buy it halfway through the run up, and you bought it like 3 fourths is away on accident, and then bam! Crap comes down. You get stopped out, shoots back up, and you're like, Oh, fuck! Do it again! Do it again, bam, you're at Max loss. And it's like that. 1% change is a 2,000 swing right? Like, let's say you're super on it today. You get the one K. Win. Well, tomorrow you're off by one.

00:50:04.579 --> 00:50:14.039
Colby Warshel: If let's say you lose a thousand dollars, or that's a whole $2,000 difference compared to being up a thousand. Now you're down a thousand like that's that's crazy, man.

00:50:14.440 --> 00:50:24.230
Danny Camozzo: I was thinking what you were just saying about trying to buy in at like 50. You accidentally get in at 75. It made me think what Alex said earlier about looking at the stocks

00:50:24.239 --> 00:50:27.440
Danny Camozzo: in the morning. And

00:50:27.869 --> 00:50:41.818
Danny Camozzo: What was it smx today when you were buying it? It was up like 30 or 40 and then, when it was coming into the open, it was up like 100%. I would actually much prefer to be trading something coming into the open at like

00:50:41.880 --> 00:51:04.070
Danny Camozzo: 50 60% up on the day cause. When we have these stocks that are up, 100% coming into the open, all you see is rejections and profit taking on them when the when the open hits. That is the only thing that has been happening lately is just rejections on the stocks that are already up too much coming into the open.

00:51:04.250 --> 00:51:14.469
Danny Camozzo: So there's that that's happening. And then also, recently, if we do see a move coming into the open, it'll be at like 9 26. You have a nice run up

00:51:14.489 --> 00:51:15.820
Danny Camozzo: when

00:51:15.920 --> 00:51:28.278
Danny Camozzo: the market volume on that stock would have been like a third. What it would have been if that move had just waited 4 min until the market opened. You would have had so much more volume and such a better resolution.

00:51:28.460 --> 00:51:38.960
Danny Camozzo: I wasn't looking at it early.

00:51:39.170 --> 00:52:02.329
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, I'd have that run up. It's like, can't you? Just wait 4 more minutes, and then look at the volume on like the highest volume candle before the open, I mean in the couple of minutes before, like 200,000 250,000 compared to 1.8 million on the first 1 min candle 6 times higher, 7 times higher profit taking? Huh?

00:52:03.050 --> 00:52:08.090
Danny Camozzo: Yeah. So that's also something that I'm being careful of lately.

00:52:09.619 --> 00:52:24.639
Alexander Winkler: Stickers stuck below the 180 sm. I really do prefer, when takers are over trading over the 180 sma, the 180 sma must be probably pretty similar to the 200. Dma, yeah, it's

00:52:25.059 --> 00:52:30.048
Alexander Winkler: they're all kind of in that same ballpark, you know. Give her a little bit of a wiggle.

00:52:31.980 --> 00:52:34.070
Danny Camozzo: We are seeing a lot of stocks

00:52:34.360 --> 00:52:48.148
Danny Camozzo: that have been beat down for a long time popping up to the 200 Dma or towards that area lately, and eventually some of them will start breaking over it. And then they're gonna have a lot of potential upside room. So

00:52:49.099 --> 00:52:51.148
Danny Camozzo: I don't know when that's gonna happen. But

00:52:51.739 --> 00:52:59.159
Alexander Winkler: it's gonna happen at some point. Large caps, I think. Also, still, a lot of center center stage. Attention.

00:52:59.269 --> 00:53:00.380
Danny Camozzo: Yeah.

00:53:01.000 --> 00:53:05.000
Colby Warshel: dude. I was looking at just these large caps? Yes, or today.

00:53:05.960 --> 00:53:15.699
Colby Warshel: man, what the what the hell like? How did we fumble this shit so badly like? Do you guys remember whenever Netflix did its second like Penny stock drop.

00:53:15.840 --> 00:53:17.539
Colby Warshel: Do you guys remember this? Cool?

00:53:19.030 --> 00:53:28.418
Alexander Winkler: What do you mean by a penny? Stop? Drop? Yeah, okay, I see it. Now let me pull it up unless you want to pull it up. No, you did.

00:53:29.530 --> 00:53:31.289
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, that was a nice one, huh?

00:53:32.880 --> 00:53:37.559
Colby Warshel: So that's whatever Bill Ackman lost like 200 million dollars right?

00:53:37.829 --> 00:53:41.858
Colby Warshel:  What was the low like? 130?

00:53:43.009 --> 00:53:45.929
Alexander Winkler: A little more, I guess, unless I'm not on it.

00:53:46.509 --> 00:53:49.579
Alexander Winkler: What we want to say is just something that's just hilarious.

00:53:50.739 --> 00:53:54.349
Colby Warshel: There's like 7 buttons on my controller for my TV

00:53:54.449 --> 00:53:57.980
Colby Warshel: up down, left, right volume

00:53:58.219 --> 00:54:21.329
Colby Warshel: and fucking Netflix. Okay, if there's a fucking button on your controller, it, says Netflix, and one streamer on the entire fucking planet, and then, like 2 months, they lost like 85 of their value. Buy the fucking stock, brother, like what's actually life advice right there. And that's a good point I'm looking at. I'm like.

00:54:21.349 --> 00:54:24.869
Colby Warshel: why did I not put my net worth into Netflix.

00:54:24.969 --> 00:54:29.360
Danny Camozzo: But but how do you scale into that? And

00:54:29.829 --> 00:54:50.670
Danny Camozzo: how do you avoid giving back your net worth before you find the bottom. That's the trick. Like you could have easily bought that first big flush. You could have easily bought any of those support levels and just given back everything. The interesting thing about Netflix, too, is, it was one of the first. It was the first out of the fangs

00:54:50.750 --> 00:55:09.788
Danny Camozzo: to just really crash like it crashed like was Apple Microsoft, Google. They did not do anything like that. Well, when did that? When did that crash from 700 start? Was that it like after Covid. Or this is November. Yeah. So that was like, that was like, after the peak of Covid. So

00:55:10.289 --> 00:55:16.909
Danny Camozzo: people probably got outside a little bit more, started spending money on other things, or

00:55:17.000 --> 00:55:21.438
Danny Camozzo: probably got laid off and had to adjust where they were putting their money.

00:55:21.960 --> 00:55:34.139
Colby Warshel: Yeah, I think that's when they, Netflix started having, like back to back lower numbers of subscribers.

00:55:34.170 --> 00:55:44.349
Danny Camozzo: It's easy to look back and be like I should have bought that like, of course. Yes, that's the thing like I tried that with coinbase, and sometimes it works when I swing traded it. But sometimes, you know.

00:55:44.369 --> 00:56:07.090
Alexander Winkler: it's you. Just you're just averaging down for months. And then you're just like, Oh, I thought it already sold off 50, just because doesn't mean it can't sell off another 50%, and then another 50%, another. Not that's like, even if the stock goes from a hundred to a dollar doesn't mean it can't only go down, one more could go down another 99%.

00:56:07.090 --> 00:56:22.228
Colby Warshel: So that is the thing that's really interesting is like, Netflix is very asymmetrical in that opportunity. Specifically, this one like Coinbase is still related to Crypto like the Crypto market cap. Isn't it like

00:56:22.480 --> 00:56:28.670
Colby Warshel: less than apple, like all of crypto together? It's like apple market cap is insane.

00:56:28.869 --> 00:56:48.498
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, like the whole entire crypto market total. Every single ticker that exists is like less than apple, I think, or something weird like that wouldn't surprise me. So they're apple's right now and then you got, let's say, Bitcoin at 500. And then I think, ethereum.

00:56:48.869 --> 00:57:02.909
Colby Warshel: Yeah, I mean, if Bitcoin is 500 billion. I would assume that, including all of the rest, you'd be under 3 3 trillion. Oh, hell, yeah, not even close. Yeah. I bet it's like a little, maybe a little over one trillion

00:57:02.929 --> 00:57:09.248
Colby Warshel: for the whole entire crypto market. So it's like a coin base is still somewhat related to that, whereas it's like

00:57:09.280 --> 00:57:12.188
Colby Warshel: Netflix, the fang stocks like

00:57:12.710 --> 00:57:29.688
Colby Warshel: whenever these are dropping, especially Netflix, specifically, just because, like once, it does that second drop like that type of return is so asymmetric. It's like 700 to 100 on one of the best tickers, literally in the history of humanity. It's like, you know.

00:57:30.690 --> 00:57:34.969
Danny Camozzo: I. Just once you start seeing those signs of the bottom

00:57:35.059 --> 00:57:43.708
Danny Camozzo: like higher lows, then you can maybe start taking a position and maybe add into it, as it's confirmed and moving up.

00:57:44.059 --> 00:57:46.579
Danny Camozzo: But before that happens.

00:57:46.869 --> 00:57:49.250
Danny Camozzo: not a great idea.

00:57:49.329 --> 00:57:53.759
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, unless you're like, obviously, if it's like a 5 year old, 10 year old.

00:57:53.969 --> 00:57:57.338
Colby Warshel: buy a fucking anywhere, I mean doesn't matter. But, like.

00:57:57.960 --> 00:58:02.489
Colby Warshel: you know, I don't know. It's just. I was just thinking of that this morning, and I was like, wow! How

00:58:02.920 --> 00:58:28.769
Alexander Winkler: how dumb was I not to just put a little bit of money into that or anything at all? I mean, we were talking about this couple of months back, though. And and because I think we were writing here like, Hey, some of these, you know, big stocks are down 70 80 90, we basically have to buy them. I actually did buy someone. I made a good chunk. But then they pulled back and I bought some more. And then they really pulled back again. And then I kind of went back to flat.

00:58:28.950 --> 00:58:32.919
Tommy Salerno: So it's it's it's a tough game. Yeah.

00:58:36.959 --> 00:58:56.809
Tommy Salerno: II remember Tesla at 100. Tesla was at 100 at that point that probably that same time Netflix drop. And I was like, Oh, wow! Tesla, test is at 100. Alright I want under 100 next day it's at 150, and it's like came back down.

00:58:57.429 --> 00:59:03.409
Colby Warshel: It's like Nvidia, like Nvidia is just. That's the craziest ticker ever.

00:59:03.839 --> 00:59:07.450
Danny Camozzo: I made some money on Nvidia. It was good. It was good to me.

00:59:07.730 --> 00:59:17.129
Danny Camozzo: I I don't have a great position on it now, though I'm I have, but I have a very small position on it from 4 50.

00:59:17.330 --> 00:59:20.410
Danny Camozzo:  average.

00:59:20.889 --> 00:59:24.848
Danny Camozzo: One of my best investments ever so far has been.

00:59:24.860 --> 00:59:28.058
Tommy Salerno: I'm holding one share of Ferrari stock

00:59:28.249 --> 00:59:33.009
Danny Camozzo: from like 2 years ago, and I'm up 50% on it. Nice.

00:59:33.200 --> 00:59:47.339
Danny Camozzo: Has any self respecting Italian. I just had to own some Ferrari. No, the ticker is race.

00:59:48.519 --> 00:59:50.030
Alexander Winkler: Oh.

00:59:51.349 --> 00:59:53.280
Alexander Winkler: nv, okay.

00:59:53.320 --> 00:59:58.888
Danny Camozzo: so anytime I can go into a Ferrari showroom and just be like, yeah, I'm a shareholder.

00:59:59.089 --> 01:00:26.469
Danny Camozzo: Fan years ago.

01:00:26.580 --> 01:00:32.620
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, I think. I think that'd be a fun way to invest cause. Then you're kind of like, you know, like the

01:00:32.849 --> 01:00:40.629
Alexander Winkler: the exciting rally or not rally. But Ferrari is never going to go out of style.

01:00:41.139 --> 01:00:48.068
Danny Camozzo: and unless ownership has, like major changes, I don't see them making any like

01:00:48.219 --> 01:00:56.928
Danny Camozzo: company changing terrible business decisions or anything like that, like even Lamborghini now is making. They just released their newest.

01:00:57.440 --> 01:00:59.379
Danny Camozzo: what's it called

01:01:00.320 --> 01:01:08.598
Danny Camozzo: revuelto, and it's an all electric, and it's not all electric, but it's an electric, assisted Lamborghini for the first time, and apparently it's awesome.

01:01:08.719 --> 01:01:15.450
Alexander Winkler: Like these supercar companies can even switch to electric. And they'll be fine.

01:01:16.320 --> 01:01:20.089
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, they're probably gonna be even better. Because electric.

01:01:20.259 --> 01:01:21.209
Danny Camozzo: Yeah.

01:01:22.339 --> 01:01:50.459
Alexander Winkler: yeah, wow, what a what a freaking company, huh? Since 2,016 or 2,015, maybe even they basically had a Tenx move from 30 to 300. I like the stock. It's a good company. This is not investment advice. Yeah. I saw it the other week, too.

01:01:51.169 --> 01:02:03.820
Colby Warshel: I liked it a lot. Yeah, no, not the one on Netflix is actual movie, like the theaters. For some reason, some theaters here I can't find it. So I might just like buy it on Youtube or something. Yeah, it was actually, really good.

01:02:03.969 --> 01:02:12.728
Alexander Winkler: Yeah. Sometimes there's things that are not allowed until a certain time. I mean, usually everything is in the movies. At the same time. This is just one of those things.

01:02:12.830 --> 01:02:13.969
Alexander Winkler: I don't know why.

01:02:14.759 --> 01:02:18.028
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, I thought it was pretty entertaining.

01:02:18.879 --> 01:02:21.228
Colby Warshel: It was cool to see the numbers of everything

01:02:21.330 --> 01:02:25.749
Danny Camozzo: I was happy with how they portrayed all of the sides at least

01:02:27.419 --> 01:02:31.079
Alexander Winkler: pretty fair portrayal.

01:02:32.940 --> 01:02:39.009
Alexander Winkler: Oh, I can't find it. It's called. They changed the name.

01:02:39.070 --> 01:02:47.018
Alexander Winkler: Okay, yeah. Yeah. For the German audience. I'm gonna definitely watch that. Maybe maybe tomorrow.

01:02:47.629 --> 01:02:56.849
Alexander Winkler: this looks good. There's a movie theater like 3 min walking distance from my house. I love it. We always go there. So cool is the movie, like in German or English.

01:02:56.879 --> 01:03:25.358
Alexander Winkler: No, luckily this one is. Everything's are always in which is like original language. Thank God, I hate watching dub movies. Even. I just watched a Polish movie yesterday with under tit under titles. And it was much better because I feel like with actors. They put so much energy and making like emotions, and like empty or like you feel it through the tonality, and then you have some stupid, dup version where it's like

01:03:25.360 --> 01:03:50.110
Colby Warshel: the most monotone line you'll ever hear in your life. You're just like, Wow! That just ruined the whole movie. Yeah, subtitles are the way to go for sure.

01:03:50.749 --> 01:03:52.870
Colby Warshel: Squid game was so good I just I

01:03:52.950 --> 01:03:59.959
Danny Camozzo: I didn't give a fuck at that point. Games, good game shit so good.

01:04:00.030 --> 01:04:06.678
Danny Camozzo: I was going through a breakup, and I was like all I would do in the evening was just like, sit on the couch, play guitar.

01:04:06.990 --> 01:04:09.809
Danny Camozzo: do like healthy things.

01:04:10.059 --> 01:04:17.259
Alexander Winkler: So I missed squid game. That probably is the right idea. I feel like when you're in breakup all the best hit the gym.

01:04:17.919 --> 01:04:23.669
Danny Camozzo: Oh, yeah, get your revenge. Mode started. Look what the fuck I'm gonna do with my fucking life.

01:04:23.799 --> 01:04:32.589
Colby Warshel: Gonna be a fucking billionaire now, not the time to start day trading, though.

01:04:33.259 --> 01:04:36.540
Alexander Winkler: No, let me sell everything first.

01:04:36.679 --> 01:04:40.900
Colby Warshel: Damn I just II was short, this whole move and that. That is very nice

01:04:41.299 --> 01:04:43.148
Danny Camozzo: bail, bail, bail, bail.

01:04:43.450 --> 01:04:44.259
Colby Warshel: Huh?

01:04:44.769 --> 01:04:47.978
Alexander Winkler: Oh, wow! It did just crash! Huh!

01:04:48.330 --> 01:04:49.259
Colby Warshel: Them!

01:04:49.509 --> 01:04:53.379
Tommy Salerno: That's a good win you? Said Market, crashing.

01:04:53.490 --> 01:04:56.990
Colby Warshel: Yeah. Well, not really like 10 points out of nowhere.

01:04:57.019 --> 01:04:59.818
Danny Camozzo: IWM. Also what just happened.

01:04:59.980 --> 01:05:05.499
Alexander Winkler: What? Okay, Israel, take part. Something just happened for sure.

01:05:05.839 --> 01:05:13.249
Colby Warshel: Damn, this position's up like. what is that? 25 times all Tutor Jones weren't stocks. Compliance with threat of nuclear war

01:05:14.150 --> 01:05:17.379
Alexander Winkler: led by China, Russia, North Korea?

01:05:17.559 --> 01:05:21.829
Alexander Winkler: Okay, well, there's so much stuff coming out every 1 min. I don't know which to put value on

01:05:21.870 --> 01:05:38.249
Alexander Winkler: every one of these. Every one of these headlines sounds like the end of the world. And there, there's a new one coming out every minute or every nuclear war. I don't. I don't know ultimately erupt into nuclear war. I don't know about that.

01:05:39.610 --> 01:05:40.450
Danny Camozzo: Like

01:05:41.570 --> 01:05:42.759
Colby Warshel: 7

01:05:43.019 --> 01:05:47.459
Alexander Winkler: dang, I was finally up 2 K on my investment portfolio. And I'm probably back to

01:05:47.730 --> 01:05:55.690
Danny Camozzo: yeah. I feel like if if there's a nuclear war. The whole world knows that there's basically one way that that would end.

01:05:55.719 --> 01:05:58.018
Danny Camozzo: And aside from that.

01:05:59.019 --> 01:06:04.849
Danny Camozzo: didn't we kind of all agree to not do nuclear war again.

01:06:05.299 --> 01:06:11.910
Alexander Winkler: It wouldn't make a lot of sense. My brother always says no one's gonna nuke the keys, so he's fine.

01:06:12.889 --> 01:06:23.200
Alexander Winkler: but I'm like Hi! Go without Eric's air conditioning. You can't live in the keys. Damn! That's right! Pulling back to Green on the day I was not expecting that to happen.

01:06:23.480 --> 01:06:28.209
Alexander Winkler: Nice Kobe, that makes me happy. See, there it is, there it is.

01:06:28.299 --> 01:06:40.558
Tommy Salerno: accidentally went short. I was shorting the top because it was rounding off, and this is the third trend day in a row, and that never happens. So I was like I was using half size, though.

01:06:40.889 --> 01:06:52.370
Danny Camozzo: and I added into it 5 times. So I have 5 micro contract. So it was like $25 per point, and I made like 16 points, which is like my best win I've had in like 400.

01:06:52.650 --> 01:06:53.888
Colby Warshel: Yeah, something like that.

01:06:54.269 --> 01:06:56.409
Colby Warshel: I was down like 300, though. So

01:06:58.019 --> 01:07:07.769
Danny Camozzo: that's like me, like I made 400 bucks there. So I'm back to like negative 200, man.

01:07:07.900 --> 01:07:13.309
Danny Camozzo: yeah, I hit that $1,700 win on Smx today. And

01:07:13.320 --> 01:07:19.608
Danny Camozzo: I had been like negative 15, ish the moment before, and I look up

01:07:19.799 --> 01:07:26.879
Danny Camozzo: at my Pnl. After I had sold, like almost all of my position, and it says like plus 150, and I'm like.

01:07:27.849 --> 01:07:29.339
Danny Camozzo: Well.

01:07:29.469 --> 01:07:37.579
Danny Camozzo: I guess at least I'm green. That feels good. I looked up. I was like hoping to see a lot more than that. But

01:07:40.700 --> 01:07:46.669
Danny Camozzo: I gotta. I gotta not be negative 1,500 tomorrow before I take a good trade.

01:07:46.900 --> 01:07:47.639

01:07:48.249 --> 01:07:50.169
Tommy Salerno: Probably you're not gonna let one ride.

01:07:50.519 --> 01:08:16.379
Colby Warshel: No, I don't do that shit, and I make like 4 points, and it goes 10. I'm sad, but if I'm trading with like half size, and it goes 16 points I'm taking that shit

01:08:16.420 --> 01:08:20.818
Colby Warshel: cause 16 points is fucking crazy. That's like, that's my weekly goal

01:08:20.989 --> 01:08:30.658
Alexander Winkler: sometimes. So take the green. Yeah, I would. I mean, it might do a little little fake app below. Vw, but is it gonna stick? No, maybe I don't know. I

01:08:30.979 --> 01:08:54.250
Alexander Winkler: I don't. Fucking care. That was that was my exact thoughts. When I close to us today, I'd like 9 45, I was like, are there gonna be more opportunities, you know, I think that's a good. That's that's the same place that I've been at lately, too. It's like

01:08:54.420 --> 01:09:10.979
Danny Camozzo: I just wrote into the chat to warrior my buddy, Manoli just chatted in. I'm probably wrapping it up choppy day for me. Take care, everyone. I just said same here, not seeing anything. Small green would be sick to be green. 2 days in a row.

01:09:11.100 --> 01:09:33.968
Alexander Winkler: I wrote, I wrote in my notes. If I if I'm if I'm not allowed to write, I might wrap up in the discord anymore. I either say, either close my to us, and then I write. I called it in the discord, or I stay trading. So it's like I'm either trading or I'm not not this. I might wrap it up. Crap! II write that so many times, and then, before you know it. I'm at.

01:09:34.100 --> 01:09:36.420
Tommy Salerno: Yeah.

01:09:36.909 --> 01:09:43.760
Danny Camozzo: no, no more. I might if I'm if I'm thinking II might. My mind is out of the game, you know.

01:09:43.790 --> 01:09:44.809
Alexander Winkler: like

01:09:45.340 --> 01:09:53.189
Alexander Winkler: that's a sign that I should. And there's probably a reason why you're thinking that right? Yeah.

01:09:53.280 --> 01:09:54.450
Alexander Winkler: exactly.

01:09:55.200 --> 01:10:08.069
Alexander Winkler: Alright, guys. Any any other thoughts before we go ahead and call it here, I mean, usually we'll do like a game plan going forward. All there's a Kitty cat, but I think we already talked about it a little bit. I guess Kobe's got his game plans for tonight.

01:10:08.290 --> 01:10:19.338
Danny Camozzo: Dude. It's so cute. I wish so I'm allergic to cats and dogs. I grew up with a dog, a family dog, and then, when that dog passed away.

01:10:19.389 --> 01:10:35.690
Danny Camozzo: I was in college, and my my parents got a new dog, so I had. I had not had exposure to dogs for a while, and I came back and I developed an allergy. And now I'm allergic to cats and dogs, and it sucks. Cause I would really love to have a little buddy.

01:10:35.750 --> 01:10:49.739
Colby Warshel: Yeah, that's terrible for them. It is. We gotta fucking. Just deal with it, and then try to see if I know. I know. I think that every time like I spent the weekend the weekend before this one down in La with some of my friends, and my buddy has a

01:10:49.870 --> 01:10:53.280
Danny Camozzo: like a really short hair pit bull mutt

01:10:53.329 --> 01:10:57.158
Danny Camozzo:  And even with the really short hair

01:10:57.190 --> 01:11:01.748
Tommy Salerno: my lungs are like congested. My throat is tighter

01:11:02.299 --> 01:11:19.168
Danny Camozzo: that sucks every time I'm like, maybe maybe this time the exposure I'll be okay. Exposure therapy every time it's like, Nope, actually, you're gonna be on manual breathing mode for the weekend.

01:11:19.469 --> 01:11:23.728
Danny Camozzo: Get his hair, and every morning you just like smell it for a second.

01:11:24.059 --> 01:11:25.889
Colby Warshel: Let's see if that changes real.

01:11:26.100 --> 01:11:43.280
Alexander Winkler: Yeah, I don't know, for me sees works with with that, like I've I'm also allergic to cats to some degree like my brother has 2 cats, and when I visit him, if it crawls on my face like I'm I'm going to be breaking out a little bit sneezing and stuff, but if they like. If I keep my distance it's usually fine.

01:11:43.639 --> 01:11:52.808
Danny Camozzo: If I keep my distance I can be in the same house, and like I'll probably need my inhaler. But I'm not like deathly allergic. It's just

01:11:52.940 --> 01:12:08.199
Alexander Winkler: uncomfortable and noticeably lower quality of life which sucks, especially when you sleep, and then you can't breathe, and then that's what I'm talking about. You wake up on manual breathing mode. That's why I have an inhaler next to my bed.

01:12:08.500 --> 01:12:15.789
Alexander Winkler: Well, yeah, that's actually yeah. It's not. It's not worth it. Stressful. Yeah, like, I'm not gonna die. But

01:12:16.319 --> 01:12:17.600
Danny Camozzo: it sucks

01:12:17.750 --> 01:12:23.418
Alexander Winkler: definitely ruins your trading training sessions.

01:12:23.780 --> 01:12:32.859
Danny Camozzo: Anyways, team plan. I'm gonna just keep trying to do what I did yesterday. And today I'm gonna try to do a little bit better than I did today.

01:12:34.020 --> 01:12:37.649
Danny Camozzo: I'm finding that trading price action. Isn't

01:12:38.409 --> 01:12:42.309
Danny Camozzo: that good lately? Not very clear, not very

01:12:42.930 --> 01:12:48.228
Danny Camozzo: fruitful. But we've been seeing those kind of outsized over

01:12:48.280 --> 01:12:49.479
Danny Camozzo: by

01:12:50.309 --> 01:12:55.459
Danny Camozzo: imbalanced moves at least like once a day lately and

01:12:55.469 --> 01:12:58.239
Danny Camozzo: gonna try to see if I can keep catching those.

01:12:59.700 --> 01:13:00.559
Alexander Winkler: Yeah.

01:13:00.930 --> 01:13:15.149
Alexander Winkler: I agree with that. I'll just quickly add, yeah, basically exactly what you said kind of what we were talking about earlier with the bet sizing like a hot move. You know, there's some really good moves that are going up like 30% in a candle. If you just nail one of those and just close your tos

01:13:15.430 --> 01:13:39.478
Alexander Winkler: like, that's it. And that's I think that's what I'm trying to do. And yeah, be careful with those pull backs, especially once they're on backside, because they will not slow down. They'll only speed up. I'm not even touching them at this point. If something wants to squeeze through highs and looks good and has the support and a setup and all of that great, otherwise. Yeah, run for the work. There's no such thing as a pull back right now.

01:13:41.569 --> 01:13:54.748
Tommy Salerno: and same with me. I'm with you just get green and get out and pretty much if I start getting back off the top, even like 25% is just better off just to kinda just take it and run

01:13:54.819 --> 01:14:04.109
Tommy Salerno: instead of going all the way back to Red or break. Even then you just feel like crap cause he should've stopped trading so definitely. Not the market for that to keep trading throughout the whole day.

01:14:06.299 --> 01:14:21.729
Colby Warshel: For me. I just wanna make sure that I'm like literally thinking of my. So like, obviously, we've trade for years. And once we figure out a system like it's really important to like you wanna cherish that system and pretend like. It's your fucking child, and I wanna go into the market and think, like

01:14:22.209 --> 01:14:43.920
Colby Warshel: all this work that I've done for the last 3 years is because I have a system like now that I have the system, I need to follow it. If I don't follow my system, and I try to base up my trading off of like intuition or feeling, or anything other than data that's strict, strictly right in front of my face. I'm going to lose. So I just wanna make sure that every day go to the market. And I'm like thinking

01:14:44.090 --> 01:14:57.409
Colby Warshel: exactly like that. I've spent all this time and energy and effort trying to build a system now that I have one, just follow it for like a year. If it doesn't fucking work, then. Sorry it's not gonna be a profitable trader. But for now that's what I want to do.

01:14:59.110 --> 01:15:28.509
Alexander Winkler: No, I get everyone's game plans. It makes a lot of sense, maybe less with the non intuition part, because I'm all like I'm a gut trader totally. I totally feel you there. And and with Tom I actually totally agree with that, too, because I've noticed the same once I give back, like, you know, 50. That's obviously like way too much. But yeah, once I start getting back off the top. I'm really getting on tilt, but that's like, usually, if I'm

01:15:28.680 --> 01:15:47.519
Alexander Winkler: if I already made a lot like if I'm only up $200, and I go back to 0. Who cares, you know? But if I'm up a thousand I go back to 500,000, there's usually something bad going on, and that's the beginning of the end. So it's it's so hard to wrap, wrap, wrap up at that point and walk away, though it's so hard. But

01:15:48.610 --> 01:15:52.148
Alexander Winkler: it it's usually walk away. Yeah.

01:15:52.379 --> 01:15:57.529
Alexander Winkler: at least, for I've noticed. But that's a different statistical topic, I guess of itself.

01:15:57.850 --> 01:16:00.280
Alexander Winkler: Yeah. alright, guys.

01:16:01.159 --> 01:16:04.100
Danny Camozzo: time for some video games. Keep out of trouble.

01:16:04.200 --> 01:16:16.520
Alexander Winkler: They distracted out for a walk. Go, do something, go to the gym.

01:16:16.590 --> 01:16:19.219
Tommy Salerno: stay off the computer, probably.

01:16:19.920 --> 01:16:21.370
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, and

01:16:21.540 --> 01:16:23.879
Colby Warshel: shut the fuck up and buy the spy

01:16:25.559 --> 01:16:43.909
Danny Camozzo: not invested. I was literally just reading the like little news release about the nuclear war, and Paul Tudor Jones, chief investment officer of tutor Investments offering issued a bleak outlook. Thinks that the Us. Equity markets could plunge 12%.

01:16:44.170 --> 01:16:46.680
Danny Camozzo:  but

01:16:46.879 --> 01:16:59.909
Alexander Winkler: let's hope it hits a new all time high first. So it brings my investment portfolio up 100 from that.

01:17:00.000 --> 01:17:06.750
Danny Camozzo: Yeah, alright.